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Access to tiscali email account??

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so Long story short as poss,

my grandad passed away 2years ago,

my nan is using his ipad apple account linked to email,s*****

(all sounds normal but here is the problem)

she locked apple account and we dont have password to email account,

is there any way i could access email account to remove it from her ipad? 

the apple expert advised the easest way is to gain access to the email account as will need a court order to gain access to icloud account to remove it from the ipad.



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Hi @davkay70 


I might be the bearer of unwelcome news for your Nan.  The bottom line is that the data protection laws do not permit anyone to have access to another user's email account. Not a spouse or even the executor of an estate. 


If your Nan did have shared use of the email address and was able to demonstrate that to the satisfaction of the TalkTalk Data Protection Team then that's OK. 


If your Granddad did set up password recovery with an alternate email address and or mobile phone number then your Nan could use the Forgotten password button in the help page Changing your email password so long as she still has access to the recovery methods listed. 


Try the password recovery journey to see what happens.


Let me know the outcome.

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Hi davkay70, was the BB account in your Grandad's name? Please add the full email address to private notes in your community profile and I'll take a look at this for you. 



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