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Aldi newsletters just stop

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I signed up to Aldi newsletter and I get one or two newsletter e mails then they stop this happens all the time. 

I have even unsubscribe and waited a week or so then re subscribe to see if that works but no joy still the same outcome.

I have checked the spam box in web mail and my outlook client and nothing there either.

I can sign up to the newsletter using my gmail and have no issues.


Has anyone else having this issue on the TT platform?




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Hi Pash02 


I was waiting to see if anyone else responded.


The Aldi newsletters are sent from a German based mail service. There's full authentication for the mailing so SPF, DKIM and DMARC all get a pass. If these hadn't passed then that would be one reason for not receiving the mail but all is ok.


If there are filter rules running in your TalkTalk mailbox or email client then you may wish to inspect these to see if there's a block on domains ending in .de (Germany).


If there are blocks set by the Internet security you're running to block email from specific domains in your email client then review those blocks.


If your mailbox has at some point been unavailable to receive incoming mail, for example, it's near its capacity quota, and the sender has received a bounceback error message that indicates the mailbox is unavailable then it's normal practice to stop sending.


So, three things that could result in a stop on receiving mail.

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Hi @Gondola 

As far as I know non of my security is blocking emails as I can access Aldi newsletters via g mail

My inbox is never near capacity on either my client e mail or on the web mail.

Definitely nothing going to my spam box on the TT  web mail or my client e mail 

Not sure how I check the filter but will investigate.


Now deleted two filter rules but didn't look at what they were for. duh  

hopefully everything will work now


Strange how I get one then it all stoos.

Thanks for everything




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Hi Pash02 


There's usually two or three Aldi mailings each week so not long to wait. You may have to resubscribe if their mail service has ceased sending as that would be best practice on their part on receiving an undeliverable error message. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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