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Alternative email - being forced to set up with different email provider?

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Hi. I had text messages from Talktalk saying they could not get emails to me using my main talktalk email address, and they cannot get emails re billing to me. Got onto Talktalk chat and was told to set up an Alternative email address, and it had to be yahoo, gmail, hotmail.  I said no to these, asked if any different email provider would do, and they said OK, set it up as alternative, just not a talktalk email address.  This is so very weird. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my Talktalk email address, it works fine for everyone, except apparently Talktalk.  What is this really about?  Does anyone know?  


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Hi Perplex2, there is no reason that this shouldn't work. We don't block our own domain. I've no idea why you'd been given this advice. I know OCE_Arne is also dealing with one of these instances, but this is definitely not approved practice. In the text were you given any links to click on?

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