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Automatic Forwarding email account to another email

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I see someone asked this 6 years ago and there was no way to do it then. I hope there is a way now.

I have several pipex emails which have just been migrated to the upgraded system. I would like them all to appear under one email address so I can access them all on one imap server. I did find the ADD EMAIL function on the webmail but that just allows access to them all on one webmail sign on.

Is there an email rule I can use for all emails on one account to forward them to another account at the server level? I know I can do it at the device level but that still clutters up the mail app.


Thanks for any pointers,



Support Team
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Hi rudeword,


Glad to see that with the Gondola's help you've manged to resolve this, thanks for letting us know 🙂


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Nice one.


Thanks for taking time out to let us know. We always appreciate your feedback.

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Thanks a lot Gondola, that works like a dream.

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Hi @rudeword 


You can Auto-forward in TalkTalk Mail.


Via the main settings menu > Settings > select the arrow by Mail (or Email) in the side panel > Select Auto forward and set that up as you wish.


You've discovered that you can collect all your TalkTalk Mail under one sign in by using the Add email account.


You can also select Unified mail for the primary and each secondary (added) email account to present all incoming mail to one Unified mail Inbox.


Via the main settings menu

  • Select Settings
  • Select Accounts in the side panel
  • Select Edit for each account in turn
    Select the tick box 'Use unified mail for this account'
    Select the Save button

When you return to Mail you'll see at the top of the Folder view in the side panel the Unified mail folders.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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