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Blocked e-mails

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Both my wife and I are not receiving e-mails sent from (not actual address simply format) - am able to receive these e-mails at my non talktalk work e-mail account (albeit in the spam folder).  Equally if I simply try and forward the e-mail from work it is not received.


Any thoughts....?


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Hi pjl62,


I can see that Gondola has helped you with this, please let us know if you need any further assistance



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Hi pjl62 


I'm aware that Gmail incoming servers aren't as aggressive at stopping potential spam as TalkTalk Mail, Yahoo Mail and BT Mail, for example, in the situation of incoming mail to a personal domain being forwarded on by a hosting service. In this case the SPF check will fail when the hosting service servers are not a permitted server for the originator of the mail and the hosting service does not rewrite the mail headers.


If that personal domain is yours then the solution is to pay for a mail hosting mailbox where you can collect the mail direct from the personal domain mailbox and not just simply forward it to another mailbox.  Auto forwarding is not always a dependable option.


If the email is not yours then it's the originator that needs to take action. TalkTalk don't offer a whitelisting service.

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Hi Gondola,


Thank you for you reply, but how do I resolve this.


This morning I forwarded an e-mail for the affected address to both my gmail account and my talktalk account - it arrived in GMAIL but not talktalk account?




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Hi @pjl62 


Based on the evidence you've posted, there's a strong clue that the mail has been spam tagged and not made it through the deferral (delayed delivery) and scanning for spam. 


If mail is sent not using a minimum of TLS1.2 encryption security and or is not authenticated by a sender's SPF check / DKIM validation / DMARC policy then it's going to be spam tagged. 


Forwarding of mail when the email header is not rewritten will fail the SPF check and is going to be spam tagged. 


Personal domain mail using a hosting service that's had its outgoing servers blacklisted because another user has sent spam is going to be spam tagged.

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