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Blocked emails. I think I have marked emails as spam then deleted them.

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So can someone please let me know how I can view my blocked senders to make as not spam. This happens when my emails freeze. I have a lot of my emails I use a lot blocked.


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Hi Karen,


I can see Gondola has helped you with this, please let us know if you need any further assistance 




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Hi Karen


On the TalkTalk Mail platform the Spam marked email is moved from the Inbox to the Spam folder and the TalkTalk Cloudmark Authority Engine is notified that you've marked an email as spam.  Cloudmark is the network based spam filtering that gathers information from users and other external information to be able to identify spam, primarily from a content analysis, and to block that spam on the network for the benefit of all users.


You can select an email and use the Mark as spam selection on the toolbar or in the drop down more actions menu within the email display.


To unmark a previously marked spam email select the email from the Spam folder and use the Not Spam selection on the toolbar or in the drop down more actions menu within the email display. The email will be moved back to the Inbox.  The TalkTalk blocking filters are notified that you've unmarked the email as spam.


If you delete a message from the Inbox or any other folder (except Trash) then that message is moved to the Trash folder. The Blocked Senders Filter, if there, blocks the sender and moves messages to Trash. If you have deleted a Spam marked message and it's still in the Trash folder then drag and drop the message back into the Spam folder for marking as Not Spam.  If the Trash folder has been emptied there's no way back as emptied trash has gone to landfill.


Marking as Spam or Ham.png


For the new TalkTalk Mail a Blocked Senders Filter is not automatically created for spam control. But you can use Filter Rules to create and edit a personal blacklist of email addresses and / or other unsolicited / unwanted email.  There may be a Blocked Senders Filter already there that was carried forward from the previous Webmail platform.

  • Select the Menu option      top right
    (triple line hamburger icon)
  • Select Settings from the list
  • Select the arrow by Mail (or Email, left side panel)
  • Select Filter Rules
  • If the Blocked Sender's Filter rule or other Blacklist rule is there
    Either, use the Edit option to edit an existing condition
    Or, select Disable to temporarily remove a rule from operating

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