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COMODO RSA certificate

First Timer
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My first post.

Yesterday noticed a warning on the website address bar saying that the site I was looking at was 'not secure'. clicked on the info icon and got a message about the above certificate. I did not understand the message content. not a computer 'geek' sorry if I have offended anyone with that term.

The worry was that the website I was on was my own email inbox

Has anyone else had this problem? Should I be more worried today as this warning has appeared again?

Was it a coincidence too that yesterday morning on my phone I could not access email and my phone kept flipping between 3G and 4G and no service at all? 


Support Team
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Hi David244, there was an email incident yesterday morning which might have contributed to your problems. I've just logged into your webmail using chrome on windows 10 and I'm getting no errors or signs of the certificate message you've seen.  Are you still having problems with it. 

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