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Can only get webmail

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I signed up for talk talk mail plus last week  so that my email account wouldn’t be deleted and since then I’ve been unable to receive emails on the mail app of any of my Apple devices. It is a lineone email account. An error message comes up saying cannot get mail, no password provided, please go to mail account settings and enter a password. I’ve re entered the correct password several times and still no luck. Webmail still works but it’s a lot more difficult for me to use which is not ideal, especially when I am now paying for this service! I’m hoping someone can please help me and that maybe some restrictions are set on my account too. I really need to be able to use it on the app. Many thanks


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Hi Beryl5,


I've sent you a PM


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Hi Beryl5, I can help with this. I've sent you a personal message to get more information.



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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@Gondola thank you very much I will keep trying daily and let you know if I can’t get on within the two weeks. Seems a bit silly! But what can you do.

Thank you very much I have updated my profile so hopefully they can help too.


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Hi Beryl5 


Yes, when the system sees that the email address is linked to a paid up broadband or subscription MyAccount the restriction will come off.


I've asked you to complete your Community profile so that TalkTalk Support can check the MyAccount and email account status for you.  If you do that, you'll be ready for when TalkTalk pick up this topic next week to have a look.

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@Gondola Hi Gondola, no I could use the mail app still beforehand, I literally received the mail plus welcome email and then it stop receiving. So you think it will sort itself out after they process the payment?

Many thanks, Beryl


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Hi Beryl5 


Was your lineone email address limited to webmail before subscribing to TalkTalk MailPlus?


The billing system will remove the restriction when the subscription payment reaches your MailPlus MyAccount. 


It does take the banking system around 10 days to set up a Direct Debit and then the payment needs to be scheduled. I'd allow at least a couple of weeks.


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