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Can’t access tiscali email on my iPhone anymore

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Hi just hoping someone can help. About a month ago our iPhones stopped letting us access our tiscali email saying our password or login details were incorrect. It’s done this previously and removing and reinstalling the account worked. But this isn’t working this time. My details are correct as we can login via a safari webpage it just won’t let us set the account up on our iPhones. I’m aware that it’s an old email address and we are no longer talk talk customers but we really need to be able to easily access this email address so any help would be much appreciated. Followed the set up details on the talk talk help section and it’s still coming up on our phones that we are giving incorrect details but yet we can login on safari fine. 


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Hi Kinsella 


OK, let's assume, as you've tried setting up the email app afresh on the iPhone and other devices, that the mailbox is therefore proven to be restricted to webmail access only.


Backup of wanted mail messages using webmail:

  • Forward mail messages to another email account
  • Save individual mail message as eml file to a local folder
  • Select and Save multiple mail messages as a zip file to a local folder
  • Print individual or multiple mail message(s) to paper
  • Print to a pdf file writer and save as pdf file to a local folder

If you subscribe to TalkTalk Mail Plus on a monthly subscription that will restore full access across your devices. Subscribe for one month for £5 then call to cancel MailPlus and you'll have a further 2 years' webmail only access to complete your migration of mail use to another mail service provider. Cancel your TalkTalk service see Mail Plus

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So we have had no notification of this happening at all and my husband won’t pay for an email address. We aren’t talk talk members anymore so I’m assuming we will have to start backing up any emails? Any idea how we can back up emails. We’re not very technically minded but my husband has had this email for quite a while now. He needs it as we are arranging a few things to be done around the house and this email is being used for communication with different parties for that. This has come at a most inconvenient time. Is there anyway we can stop it from being fully deleted without paying for the address?

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Hi @Kinsella 


If you're not a TalkTalk Consumer (home broadband) customer you may be restricted to webmail only access unless you subscribe to TalkTalk Mail Plus.


If you have a mail message from TalkTalk about deletion of your TalkTalk managed mailbox then deletion is after 180 days. After 60 days the mailbox has webmail only access.


Do you think this applies?


You could troubleshoot by setting up an email app on another device but if that gives the same result as removing and reinstating the account on the iPhone then it would appear that your use of TalkTalk Mail is currently limited to webmail only access in the run up to the deletion of the mailbox.


Now would be a good time to backup your wanted mail messages. Once deleted by the system no contents are recoverable.


But the offer to subscribe to MailPlus is there if you'd like to take it. Or migrate your mail use to another service. But you'll not be able to move the email address just get a new email address with another mail service supplier.  How long might you need to migrate? A few months or longer?


About TalkTalk Mail Plus 

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