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Can't print emails using webmail and android phone

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Is there anyway this can be done? There doesn't appear to be a print option. I've tried 'share' with no success. Thanks in anticipation for any help.


Support Team
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Hi sparkenhoe, when you open the mail message along the top you'll see 3 horizontal lines. Not the ones in the blue bar but the one at the top of the email. In there towards the bottom you'll see print. 



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That's a function of the 'phone. You have to have installed a print service.


On my mobile the default print option is to Save as a pdf file. When I switch the Default Print Service on the phone will search for network printers. So long as your network printer is using the same network as your mobile then your mobile will find the printer. Select the printer as the default option.  


So, the default print service on the mobile needs to be on and the available printer device needs to be selected, connected and ready to print.


The act of selecting the Print menu item will prepare the page for printing and show you the available print options for the default print service.  If in doubt check the mobile Settings > Connection and Sharing > Print must be on > select to check the printer is in the list of available devices.


Tested and working here.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Thank you for your prompt reply.

I switched into Desktop mode as you suggested but could not find More Actions. What I did find however was that when the email I wanted to print was opened there was a drop down Menu bar logo that when opened containing the Print command. Wnen I clicked on that it processed a preview of the email but there appears to be no means of instructing the printer to Print. 


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Hi sparkenhoe 


Mobile devices aren't often used to get paper copies so it's not surprising that the mobile browser version of TalkTalk Mail and the TalkTalk Mail app don't feature a print option in the mobile browser menus.


The mobile browser has a desktop version that's selectable via the triple vertical dots (ellipsis) menu top right of screen.


Select desktop browser, sign in to TalkTalk Mail and you'll be presented with the same version of TalkTalk Mail as seen on a desktop / laptop screen. It'll need a bit of moving and zooming on the smaller mobile device screen. But from the triple line 'more actions' menus you do have a print option.


On my mobile that brings up the print dialog where I can set up a print and in my case the default is to print to a pdf file. I could set it up to send to a wi-fi connected printer.  You mentioned Share. That's another way of accessing a printer. On my mobile there's a whole array of share options including uploading a pdf to a cloud backup or to a printer.


So that's the solution. Desktop browser mode to access the print option on a 'more actions' menu.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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