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Can't receive confirmation emails

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Recently both my wife and I have found that automatic emails confirming bookings, tickets etc. have not  been reaching our inboxes. The problem is common across webmail and outlook on desktop and laptop, and  iphone and android. So the problem must be in the TalkTalk Mail service. Other emails, even from the organisations sending automatic confirmations, continue to arrive successfully. So, there is no problem with our local mail settings.

How can we get this fixed?


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Hi bevanp4,

I've passed this to the relevant team for investigation, I'll let you know when I receive an update


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I see Chris-TalkTalk was expecting to see the details in your Community profile Private notes...

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email details updated in private messages

Support Team
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Hi bevanp4,


Could you add the sending email addresses and the receiving email addresses to the private notes section of your community profile so that we can look into this further. Please do not post this information on this thread. Once you've updated your profile please post in your topic to confirm it's updated.



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Thanks for your help. I'll wait to hear from the email admins.

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Hi bevanp4 


Thanks for confirming that there is no filter rule defined for either of your mailboxes. The email admins need this confirmation before they'll accept a fault ticket.


The Blocked Senders filter rule would have been inherited from the former webmail platform and it's good that you've deleted that filter rule as it's probably out of date and could have contained something that was blocking the wanted mail messages. If that happens it's quite likely that the sender may cease sending mail messages that then have to be reset to enable sending again.  The originating customer service staff may not be aware if a mail sender has suppressed sending to an email address.


The one common factor for and is that both have servers hosted by - although I have checked and there's nothing obvious amiss there. There are quite a few mail servers listed on the spf records for both organisations so it's quite possible that the original sending IP address for the first batch of Chelsea tickets was ok but the second was blocked or the incoming mail connection was dropped.


Probably difficult to pin down the root cause but at least there is a possible single reason.


TalkTalk Support will pick up next week and will ask for the receiving email address details together with the sending address and time for each missing mail message to be investigated assuming you have the latter from the originators.

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Thank you. I have followed all the instructions in your reply for both my email email and my wife's email (both addresses).  The test messages worked fine, showed in inbox and sent folders. My address had no filters. My wife's email had a blocked addresses filter. I deleted this, even though the mails we were expecting were not from a blocked address. Junk, Spam and Trash have all been checked...when it first happened and again just now. None of the expected mails were in there.

I have narrowed down the timeframe for this problem starting to arise. My wife successfully received confirmation of tickets purchased from Chelsea FC on 6th and 7th September. However on 10th and 13th September, further ticket purchases were made from Chelsea FC but no confirmations were received. Calls to the Club confirmed that the tickets had been bought and  confirmation mails sent out.  I thought it might still have been a problem at the Chelsea end, but then on 16th September a purchase from Stena Line to my email address did not get a confirmation. Again, Stena confirmed that the purchase had been made and confirmation sent.

So, it appears that the problem stated to occur sometime between 7th and 10th September. Other No-Reply emails are getting through. It just seems to be those Not sure what to do next, other than switch to GMail which is receiving confirmation emails are arriving OK.

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Hi bevanp4 


First check that you have no filter rule defined that might be diverting the wanted mail.


What is the email address / company sending you mail that's not arriving?


Prepare for TalkTalk Mail Support by including in your Community Profile, Personal Information (here):

  • Your name, current home 'phone number. An alternative (mobile preferred) contact number. Full address with postcode (Location)
  • Scroll down to Private notes to add email address(es), notes and references etc
  • After checking and updating, Save changes

Select here: Sign in to TalkTalk Mail

Enter your email address and password, select Sign in.


Check the  Inbox first and then check  Spam and  Trash folders for mail messages that may have been diverted from the Inbox. Bear in mind the spam and trash folders normally contain mail not older than 30 days.


Compose and self-send the same mailbox a mail message. Check that the message sends without error, is copied into the Sent objects folder and arrives and stays in the Inbox.


Mail not reaching the Inbox could mean there's a Filter rule,  that's diverting, discarding or blocking mail.

  • To check, select the Main Settings menu icon      triple line icon top right on the blue header
    (Mobile browser? use the desktop version)
  • Select Settings from the top of the menu
  • Select the inward facing arrowhead by Mail (or Email) in the left side panel
  • Select Filter Rules
    If there's no rule defined, that's perfect
  • To delete a Filter rule including any Auto forward
    select the Dustbin icon    to the right of the rule
    The icon background will turn red    
  • To confirm you really want to delete this Filter rule
    Select the blue Delete button

Let us know of any error message, or if the self sent mail did not arrive in the Inbox or disappeared from the Inbox. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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