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Can't receive email to IMAP client but sending OK

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After commenting on another post on the same topic I was asked to start my own thread.

About 9 days ago my emails, after working fine, stopped downloading to my Thunderbird account.  I know this is an issue being faced by other people.

I can still send from Thunderbird, I just can't receive.  Webmail is working fine but as I live in a rural area with dodgy connection when I'm out of the house I can't rely on being able to access emails via webmail and need to store them on my laptop.

For the first 4 days or so I received no error message, my mail just didn't download.  Now I'm receiving the error code 'sending of password didn't succeed.  Invalid login or password' even though my password hasn't changed and I'm sending fine using the same password.

My settings are:

Server type: IMAP

Port: 993
Username: email address
Connection security: SSL/TLS
Authentication Method: Normal password

Many thanks for your help.


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Messages now downloading fine, thanks so much for your help.

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Hi @sixblueboats


The fault impacting the incoming email was fixed earlier today.  Your Thunderbird settings look good.  The IMAP mail server name is


Check with webmail that you've got the password correct and if Thunderbird asks for the password enter the same password and tick the save with Password Manager tick box.

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