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Cannot access my Tiscali email on any device

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This morning I cannot access my Tiscali email account on any device.  Yesterday Outlook on my principal laptop would not even open, but the emails were available on other devices.  First thing this morning Outlook was back to normal and emails could be sent or received on all devices.  Then suddenly my mobile phone came up with the message that my email account could not be accessed as the password has been changed. It hasn't! It's the same on all our other devices and trying to input the correct password has no effect.  In the past, when there has been a problem on the laptop connection we've still been able to maintain our email contacts via phone or tablet. I then tried webmail and got the message that no connection is possible at the moment and to try again later.  The error code LGI-0005 appeared. We've never been unable to access our account at all like this before.

My wife volunteers as a Community First Responder and relies on this email account to send and receive advice / instructions / information from her managers.  Please can something be done swiftly to remedy the situation.


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Have just seen that others have posted that they are experiencing the same problem and that TalkTalk is aware of the problem and working on it. See the service status page for more information.