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Cannot access my Tiscali email

First Timer
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I was given a Tiscali email address when I was 12 (I am now 28). 

It was set up by someone I am not in contact with any more.


I have had issues getting in to read my emails - it comes up "Username or password is invalid." 

I've had this issue before and somehow it was resolved but now I cannot access the account again. 


I don't have a MyAccount set up with this address as it was created in 2002 so I cannot log into that and change settings or update profiles as other topics have suggested. I am still receiving emails to my phone through this account so I know it is still functional. I would like to access it so I can forward the important emails and not have to worry about it any more. 



Support Team
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Hi Carzavol, have you tried the password tool to reset the password? If that doesn't work, I can help you get the password reset. I need you to add ALL of the following to the private note section of your community profile:


Email address affected.


Full Name.


Date of Birth.


Mobile contact number.


Phone number linked to email address


Full postal address email is linked to.


Once you've added that post back to let me know and I'll raise a fault ticket to get this sorted for you.

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