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Cannot receive any e-mails.

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For 3 days I have not been able to receive any emails.  I can send them and others can receive on the same computer. I have spent 3 hours on ChatLine and their answer was to contact the Community.


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Hi PatAB,


Glad to hear you've changed your password, thanks for letting us know 



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Thanks - just changed it. Thanks.

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Hi @PatAB 


I've just seen your post on another thread saying you've discovered an unauthorised Auto-forward and that you've deleted that.


If someone has acquired access to your mailbox to set up that auto-forward then you must change your password to secure the mailbox.


Access the email address via the TalkTalk Mail sign in here


When you sign in via TalkTalk Mail you have the ability to set up Reset details for a self-help password change.  Update your reset details is an option on the main menu.


Menu options - Update your reset details


Please then use the Reset your Password option.

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