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1. How can I delete emails from xxxx to xxxx by date from emails. I have almost ran out of the 10gig allocated space. 

2. What is the best way to backup my emails from the server before I delete them.

I have emails dating back 10yrs on the server and to delete them manually would take forever. I need to keep the recent emails so cannot select all

Thanks LarryP


Support Team
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Hi Trolleyman, did Gondola help you get thsi sorted?



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Hi Trolleyman 


How are you getting on? We do appreciate your time in letting us know. Thank you.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Hi Trolleyman 


Where do you wish to save the mail messages?

  • To another existing email account
    Add email account and drag and drop selected mail from one folder to another
    Tip - you can use TalkTalk Mail webmail or an email client like Thunderbird to drag and drop mail from one folder to another including from one email account to another
  • To your computer / backup drive
    Prepare the backup folders to save mail messages

But first you may need advice on using the search option to select date ranges for folders.


  • Select the folder in the Folder view (here Inbox is selected)
  • In the Search box enter a valid date range
    e.g 1/4/2022-8/5/2022
    The drop down selector must indicate 'as date range' - Select that from the drop down box
  • The list view will then show the tagged folder covering the date range
  • Use the tick box Select all
    The default is the first block of up to 50 mail messages
    To select more messages use the scroll bars to the right of the List view
    Tip - don't select too many at once as the process will slow down


Search for as date range 08May2022.png


So that's selecting blocks of mail messages in date ranges. Now, to save mail messages to your prepared backup folder.


  • Select a folder (here Inbox is selected)
  • Select a single email or multiple emails using the checkboxes
  • Select the More actions menu triple line toolbar icon
  • Select the Save as file menu item
    Select Save File from the File Manager window that opens
    If you selected a single mail message you'll save that as an eml file
    If you selected multiple mail messages you'll save that as a zip file containing multiple eml files
  • Select the folder on your device to save the mail message file(s)


Saving Emails 03August2021


NB Select all will by default select just the first 50 mail messages in the folder. Use the List view scroll bars to enable the selection of more messages.


When it comes to deleting mail messages I'm going to give you a way using TalkTalk Mail webmail to retain your recent Inbox mail and delete the rest.


  • Use My Folders to create a new folder titled Current
  • Select the Inbox folder
  • Use the Search box to select the date range for the current mail messages you wish to retain
  • Select all (use scroll bars if there are more than 50 mail messages - best not to move very large blocks in one go)
  • Drag and Drop to the Current folder
  • Check that you've got all the mail messages you need to retain in the Current folder
    Tip - you can also use the More actions triple line menu to Move or Copy mail if you're not happy with drag and drop


  • Select the Inbox folder and select the triple line icon to bring up the actions menu
    Select Delete all messages
    Confirm Empty Folder
  • Select the Trash folder and select the triple line icon
    Select Empty Trash
  • Select the Current folder
    Select Move all messages
    Select Inbox
  • You've now saved wanted mail, deleted all unwanted mail and retained current mail in the Inbox

Let me know if you need any specific follow up requirements.


GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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