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Delete old Toucansurf email

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Got an old toucansurf email I want deleted because it is unused now and hacked.


Got it when I was a child so I am not a paying customer for anything, so I don’t think I can verify details for the account as there are none. After the migration from Pipex Homecall I hoped it would be easy to delete but no.  

Tried emailing or ringing support ages ago, but was told that it would be deleted and I would be told that it was but nothing happened.


Just want it deleted and I don’t want to sign up to anything else, please help.


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Hi Ben89621, if you're sure you want the email address deleting then follow the steps that Gondola linked to for the right to be forgotten.




Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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Hi Ben


I don't know when orphaned mailboxes, those not linked to a customer MyAccount, will start to be deleted again. Whenever the COVID-19 lockdown security measures are no longer necessary? The mailboxes are staying active for the time being so genuine users can stay in touch.


Mailboxes that are not being used are still deleted by the system though. So, if you changed the password to a normal ultra-strong password and then just signed out and resisted the temptation to sign in for 6 months the mailbox would be flagged for deletion and if still not signed in to for a year would be system deleted.


But I always think it's best never to abandon a mailbox and best for your own security to action a deletion.


Great if you can still sign in to the mailbox. Update your reset details is an option on the main menu.


Menu options - Update your reset details 05Aug2020


Set up your mobile for password recovery and then use the Forgotten password journey using the mobile to receive a 6 digit reset code by text message. The hacker won't have access to your mobile.


TalkTalk Consumer home broadband customers have free access to up to 5 mailboxes and the ability to change password and delete mailboxes via the customer MyAccount. So, if you rejoined TalkTalk you'd have the ability to add and then delete the unwanted toucansurf mailbox via MyAccount. Managing your email in My Account 


The way that non-Consumer users retain the full use and management of mailboxes is to subscribe to TalkTalk MailPlus. As this is available on a month by month subscription, and you can cancel at any time after paying the first month, it'll only cost the first month fee of £5 as explained.  You just need the email address and active password to be verified to proceed.


The free alternative (excluding postage and photocopying costs) is to exercise your right to deletion under the GDPR. But because deletion is permananent and cannot be reversed the Data Protection team need to have adequate proof of your identity and that you are the registered user of the mailbox effectively being able to quote the account holder's name, address and telephone number at the time of the original registration of the toucansurf email address to match up with TalkTalk's records. GDPR - Right to deletion 


If you think you can provide those details then it won't cost you £5. But if not then my suggestion is, I think, your best choice as deletion will give you peace of mind and on that you can't put a price. Don't you agree?

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Thanks for the help, do you know if there’s an article about when they will start deleting emails? I remember them saying it would start in October this year I think but it must be as you said it is delayed because of COVID.


I can still sign in so will do this later today/tomorrow.


Still unacceptable I have to essentially pay to delete my account though which feels illegal.




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Hi Ben


If you cannot reasonably prove that you or a family mermber are the registered user of the toucansurf email address then the normal path of requesting the Data Protection Office team to delete the mailbox address and contents for you isn't going to be possible.


So, it all hinges on whether you can sign in to the mailbox or not.

Enter your toucansurf email address, select Continue.

Enter your toucansurf email password, select Sign in.


If you can sign in then you can set up password recovery Reset details via the main menu and use the Forgotten password button in the Help article Changing your email password to receive a password reset code to your mobile.


That will lock out a hacker. So if you then want to delete the mailbox just sign up to TalkTalk Mail Plus for £5, then when you've got a customer MyAccount you can permanently delete the mailbox yourself. Managing your email in My Account. Once deleted the MailPlus subscription ceases after just the first payment so it'll just cost you the £5 to action the deletion.


If you cannot sign in and cannot verify you're the registered user then deletion will still eventually happen post COVID-19 lockdowns. When mailboxes are not associated with an active customer MyAccount, which is probably the case with the toucansurf mailbox, then the system will delete. But right now, because of COVID-19 active mailboxes are not being actioned for deletion. But TalkTalk cannot necessarily tell that active mailbox use is not by the registered user. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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