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Deleted IMAP Inbox folders

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In the migration to TalkTalk I’ve accidentally deleted some IMAP folders from my Inbox. Surprised it’s possible to delete the system ones, but there we are.


How do I get back or create new Sent, Drafts, etc in my Inbox? The system won’t let me create folders with those names as they are reserved.


Any advice welcome. Thanks


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Hi RS_Twenty_Six, please let us know how you get on. 



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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Yeah the subfolders are gone (I can see compared to other accounts that have been migrated, with everything as a subfolder of the Inbox, in-pointing arrows, etc).


I was resigning myself to some kind of forwarding routine so see if I can shift them from Homecall to TT.


Appreciate your help. Will see how it goes.

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Hi RS_Twenty_Six 


Double check the TalkTalk Mail webmail Inbox. 


If there's an inward pointing arrowhead on the Inbox line then select that and the sub-folders will appear.


If there's no inward pointing arrowhead for a folder then there are no sub-folders.


The homecall webmail is effectively orphaned but you may be able to send from webmail and forward emails out to another mailbox. You could test with one to check and even see if forwarding that to the homecall mailbox does get the mail message into the new TalkTalk Mail Inbox.


From there you can drag and drop into the relevant Standard folder.


It's not normal practice to have Standard folders as sub-folders of the Inbox so I guess that was just a quirk of the original setup.

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I was trying to delete some duplicate folders that appeared on my phone and that seems to have deleted the Inbox subfolders that included Sent, Drafts, etc that came across in the migration from Pipex.
I need to recreate the structure & get the files back (ideally), Sent items especially.
Via the TalkTalk webmail interface the Inbox subfolders have disappeared.
If I log on via the old Homecall webmail I can still see the e-mails and folders that I need to retrieve. How to is the question I guess!
I am always slightly puzzled as to why the key folders sit inside the Inbox. Having the duplication is confusing.

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Hi @RS_Twenty_Six 


I doubt you'll have deleted the standard folders from your TalkTalk Mail mailbox. You may have deleted some sub-folders of the Inbox on your device.

Check that the standard folders are present and listed under the Inbox in the Folder view in the side panel.


You may wish to check that the Standard folders haven't been renamed.

  • Select the Main Settings menu icon      triple lines, top right header bar (Mobile browser? it's a cog icon)
  • Select the Settings menu item
  • Select Accounts in the side bar
  • Select Edit for the account
  • Scroll down to Standard folders and Select to restore the naming
    (assuming the Standard folders aren't using default names)

Let me know if I've understood correctly.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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