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Download and delete - new device

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Hi I transferred all my data from iPhone 8 to iPhone 12 initially all e mails transferred across but 24 hours later when I restored iPhone 8 to factory settings it wiped out all my talk talk inbox e mails, all other folders and sent items remained.  I recovered the e mails from the trash section via my laptop and moved them back to my inbox but immediately the phone synched with the mail they e mails disappeared again and I can’t find them anywhere.  There is a thread about a new device and pop3 causing this but no details on how to correct or recover the missing e mails - please can anyone help I have some important e mails that I need to recover.


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Hi Haley

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Check the Inbox and Trash folders for the mail messages.  Worth searching other folders as well but if you don't see the wanted mail then it doesn't exist online.  TalkTalk don't offer a recovery service for old mail messages so if the mail isn't in your online mailbox it's been downloaded to your email collection device(s) and deleted online.


Normally a mobile device will set up an IMAP email account by default but if you happen to have selected a POP3 account setup I'll explain the key differences.


An IMAP email account will synchronise to all the online folders. So, deleting a mail message from the Inbox or other folder will move that deleted mail to the online Trash folder.  All IMAP email accounts set up for the mailbox on different devices will all see the same online folders.  The mail messages are held online so deleting an IMAP account from a device will have no impact on mail in the online folders or seen or held locally on other devices.


A POP3 email account will download mail and interact with the online Inbox only. The default setup is to download mail and then delete that mail from the online Inbox.  Deleted mail is held locally on the device. Mail can be left on the online server and either set to never delete or delete mail older than a set time frame. For example: download new mail and delete mail older than 2 weeks.


So, depending on the setup of the POP3 account you may find mail still in the online Inbox or it'll be in the Inbox of the downloading device. If the POP3 account on the device is uninstalled it'll also remove the mail held in that POP3 account. You'd normally be advised to save any wanted mail to a local folder or another email account before uninstalling a POP3 email account.


Let us know if you see the mail you need in the online mailbox. Otherwise, if you don't see it locally on one of your devices then the only way to recover the mail is to ask for it to be sent again by the originator.

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