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Dreadful customer service when expecting booked call back trying to sort email problem

First Timer
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Really disgusted with the dreadful customer service from TT.

Issue reported over week ago now re issues with sending group emails. These are being blocked with a code of TT501, and eventually told after 3rd call to TT that limit of 25 recipients now in place on any emails. You would have thought I could be told that at first phone call not the 3rd!! I have been fobbed off several times now and even after spending nearly 3 hrs on phone trying to get this sorted, the senior manager Lewis who had booked to call me back tonight- couldnt keep his agreement, and went home before calling or having the decency to let me know he would not be calling. During the last call my Webmail account was blocked and Password had to be changed 3 times before I could access again as Lewis had reset password. Even tonight, emails could not be sent again as "login was rejected"

My son missed his swim lesson tonight as it was at the time Lewis had promised to call me, and after a further 50 mins on phone again now- another advisor eventually told me he had left at 7- before the time he was due to phone. How rude, and how upset my son was too.

Come on Talk Talk- please can you sort this out!



Support Team
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Hi Becky_36, the error you've seen is the code for too many recipients per hour. This means our servers are seeing your mailbox as a potential spam source. There's no fixed limit on the number or recipients, but if you send to lots at once it can trigger the block. You can't just split them into smaller groups either as the time is also a factor. What we advise in these cases is to send to a few at a time 20 should get through, but space your mails out to avoid having too many per hour. There's no fix needed in this case as these settings are standard across the system it's not a fault it's a feature designed to prevent our mail servers from being blocked by other mail services due to spam. How many mails are you trying to send and to how many recipients?

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