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E-Mail restrictions notification starting all over again

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I have not been into the community site for a little while, so this may well be an issue that many others are encountering.

Last year, at the start of lockdown, I started getting notifications from TalkTalk, saying that my email account was not linked to a broadband account and that my access would be restricted to webmail only. It was difficult to get this sorted, but eventually some sort of fix was done. Meantime, I was almost totally cut off from the world for three weeks.

Then, a couple of days ago, exactly the same email, headed "Important changes to your TalkTalk Mail" , came through. This claims that my mailbox is not linked to an active TT broadband account and that I haven't signed up to TT Mail Plus. However, this was supposed to have been all sorted out last year, and my mailbox is/was linked to my broadband account. 

Why is this happening again? Last time, a customer service representative assured me that there was no problem, but I still got cut off. I believe that the problem was eventually traced to email accounts, like mine, with a address.

I have just seen an answer to another user, confirming that these warnings are going to be actioned shortly.

Please, will someone tell me what I need to do.


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Hi NeilM, does the email you've received confirm the email address that's affected? 



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Hi Neil


If the mail message from TalkTalk just indicates an unused orphan address that isn't listed in your MyAccount and you're happy for this to be deleted then the system will do this for you.


As long as the email addresses that you wish to keep active are listed in your customer MyAccount then that's all good.


No further action is needed. Enjoy your Sunday.

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Hi Gondola,

Many thanks. You dealt with the problem last year, as well. I have checked in MyAccount and can see three email addresses, one of which is my own working one and the others are family members. On rechecking the email of 12th May, it seems to refer to an email address that should have been deleted ages ago and which I no longer ever use.  It would not matter if this one gets deleted.

On reviewing the previous thread, it looks as if StephenF applied a "fix" to make it appear that my email was linked to MailPlus, which removed the yellow banner that kept surfacing in MyAccount. I did notice that my subscription jumped at about the same time, so perhaps he had elevated me to the other service. I hope that this fix hasn't somehow been unset.



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Hi Neil


If you're a TalkTalk Consumer home broadband customer then the action needed is to add the tiscali email address to a customer MyAccount that's active for your broadband service.


Managing your email in My Account see email not showing in My Account


I assume the email that was received is genuine. You can check in TalkTalk Mail and all genuine mail messages from TalkTalk have a yellow padlock icon preceeding the From line at the top of the mail message.

Enter your tiscali email address and your tiscali email password, select Sign in.


So that's the first check.


Next is to sign in to your customer MyAccount and check the My Mailboxes list for the address in question.


Is the address there? Or does the email refer to an address that's not there?

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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