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E-mail not sending

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Most times when I’m away from home my e-mails won’t go.  I get the message “the username or password for smtp is incorrect”. But I haven’t changed anything.  When I get home, it all works.  Why?


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Hi Nick


Either the network you're connected to when away from home doesn't authenticate your sending of emails or the number of emails is being limited as a protection measure.


You say "Most times" the email doesn't send. Implying that some times you can send emails and this in turn implies that it's the limitation on sending that's being applied to networks and countries that are recognised as more likely to be sending spam and scam emails. 


What's your email domain - the bit after the @ symbol in your email address?  And which networks / countries fail when away from home?  And, finally, are you using secure email settings - secure SSL / TLS and secure port numbers - as in this article.

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