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We are a marketing email service provider and are trying to resolve an issue with email deliverability to Talk Talk domains such as,


The sending IP and the domain of the emails we send is not on any blacklists and the mailer is successfully delivered to over 40 000 addresses, but only the ones on talk talk domains fail.


Can you please put us in touch with the postmaster for talk talk so we can resolve this issue?


Thank you.


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Hi User7and2, I've asked the team to take a look at the information you've provided. 



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Hi Gondola,


Just to add the information about the numbers you asked earlier:


This company send to 600 TalkTalk and Tiscali recipients per batch. For the affected mailing, 0% were delivered to Tiscali and 30.6% to TalkTalk


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The private notes contained the details from a previous issue. I have updated them now with the details of the current issue.

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The TT406 does imply that a number of recipients of mail have marked the messages as spam.


I'll push a request into the TalkTalk workflow to ask the email admins to investigate. If the sending email address and IP address are in your Community Private notes then those will be on the fault ticket.

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Hi Gondola,


Thank you for replying!


Indeed it is a very similar issue to the one I posted previously, but this time is for a different company which uses different dedicated IP. There are about 500 rejections, but I will need some more time to find out the exact numbers. 


The rejection message and TT code are as follows:

"<-- 550 5.1.0 971Cm9x5QJbn4 Sorry, we’ve identified a number of outgoing emails from your email provider as spam so we haven’t been able to send your email to its intended recipient. Please try again later or using an alternative email address. For more information visit our help article (link: (TT406)"


The rejection message implies that this is a spam issue, but the mailing is sent to subscribed addresses only and it is a regular mailer with very high deliverability rates normally. Also out of 40000 recipients we have rejections from TalkTalk domains only, if it was a spam issue I would expect to see rejections from other domains as well, but this is not the case


I will provide you with the numbers in a later post, but let me know if I can provide any further details?


Kind regards,




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Hi User7and2 


Back again so soon?  Welcome once more. I see your previous topic on this same issue was in January.


What bounceback error message including TT code are you receiving from the TalkTalk servers? Does every message to a TalkTalk mailbox get rejected? Or are some delivered?


How many messages do you send in one batch to the TalkTalk recipients?

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