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Email Forwarding

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My father it moving house shortly and is closing his TalkTalk account. I'd like to set up email forwarding to a new Outlook email account. How do I do this, and will the forwarding automatically continue for a period of time even after he has closed his TalkTalk account?


Thanks in advance!


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Hi MisterB1, Gondola has provided all the information you need. I've marked the post as best answer for you. 



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Hi @MisterB1 


If the mailbox is on the TalkTalk Mail platform (, and tiscali family) then your father can set up an Auto forward.  Here's a visual guide. 

  • Select the main settings icon top right header
  • Select the menu item Settings
  • In the left pane select the arrow by Mail (or Email)
  • Then select Auto Forward
  • Tick enable and enter the forwarded to email address in the box
  • Tick keep a copy but only if he wants a temporary backup of the mail whilst the mailbox is active, otherwise leave unticked
  • Tick process subsequent rules only if there are follow on Filter rules to apply


Auto Forward Enable


When you father leaves TalkTalk he'll receive an invitation by email to subscribe to Mail Plus which is a way to keep an email address active for as long as needed. (£5 per month or £50 a year and that covers up to 5 mailboxes). About TalkTalk Mail Plus 


If your father chooses not to subscribe then the mailbox would ultimately be restricted to webmail access only and that does disable the Auto forward.


He'll receive a follow on mail message from TalkTalk about deletion of the TalkTalk managed mailbox.  Then deletion is after 180 days. After 60 days the mailbox has webmail only access (no Auto forward).

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