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Email Inbox & Trash suddenly empty

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Hi, This afternoon my inbox and trash folders have suddenly become empty. I have since received and send messages. Any ideas what I can do to retrieve the folders status? Thank you.


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Hi smrrft,


If you need assistance can you start your own thread and complete your Community Profile, we'll be happy to help 🙂





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The same problem outlined above has happened to me.  I've called Talktalk on Sunday who told me it will take up to 72 hours to fix.  That time has expired and still no fix.  My inbox is empty on webmail and my email agent (i.e. mail app on iPhone) tells me the mail server is not responding.


Can you help repair my inbox today?! 




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Hi ihillis, I've run a repair on your mailbox and it would appear that mail has been recovered. Please check your account and let us know how you get on. 

Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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...TalkTalk Community Team will pick this up on Monday and look at the mailbox to see if the emails are there or can be recovered with a mailbox repair job.


You'll receive further advice here.

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Thanks for help, nothing to do with display as my inbox is now 3 pages long but nothing else before Saturday also effect is the trash folder but not sent or drafts folders or other folders i have created. Appears i am not only one with this problem, how do we get support to rebuild mailboxes? Thanks


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Hi ihillis


Concentrating on the missing emails first.  I'm assuming you're saying you've logged in to tiscali webmail and it's working and you're seeing new emails in the Inbox.


If you cannot see older emails it's either:

  • A webmail page display issue
  • A mailbox repair is needed by TalkTalk
  • Emails have been downloaded from the mailbox by an email client or app like Thunderbird or Outlook (some email clients / apps will also delete older emails according to the customer's settings on the email client)

If webmail seems to be showing the latest emails, that's usually just a page display / selection issue due to TalkTalk choosing to use some very pale colours for page display numbering.


In TalkTalk Webmail and looking at the Inbox or other folder then it's possible that you're just looking at the first page of emails.


The page size can be set to display up to 50 emails. Settings > Mail > Display > List Size. 


Going back to the Mail Inbox, bottom right of the email list is the list of page numbers. Page: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ].  But only the current page is highlighted in pale blue and the other page numbers are greyed out.  Just move the pointer / cursor to the right of [ 1 ] and [ 2 ] will be highlighted and so on. 

On the password change. Have you previously set up password recovery for the email address with an alternate email and mobile number? You could try the Reset your Password option. See if you recognise the hints for recovery.


If no self-help password recovery is available, TalkTalk can change your password but you'll need to prove you're the registered user of the email. Double check that you've added to your Community Profile, Personal Information (Click here) your name, current address and phone numbers and then scroll down and add all of the following in the Private Notes area at the bottom of the page:

  • Email address affected
  • Your Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Landline 'phone number linked to the tiscali email address when first registered
  • Full postal address linked to the tiscali email address when first registered
  • Include your mobile contact number and times to call - daytimes when available in person to receive the password and speak to the email team
    (for security they won't leave a message with the password and they don't accept call backs)
  • Save changes.

TalkTalk's Community Team will verify the user details recorded for the email address and will confirm the next actions here.

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Thanks for reply, have been able to send and receive from another account, receive few junk mail over night. I am not a talktalk customer but an old tiscali user with a email domain. Also I cannot find where to change password on webmail. I do not have a talktalk Myaccount. Thank you.


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Hi @ihillis


Are you using TalkTalk webmail and seeing that the Inbox and Trash there is empty? 


Can you log in to webmail and check you can send and receive email to and from another email account and that emails stay in the Inbox.  Check that there's no mail auto-forwarding set up to forward and delete email - Settings > Mail > Scroll down to auto-forward. 


Have you recently set up or changed an email client or email app that you use to receive your emails?  I ask that because an email client set up as a POP3 account will, with its default settings, download and delete all emails from the mail server.


What email domain is it - that part of the email address after the @ i.e. or or another?


Please ensure your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) includes your name, address, current TalkTalk landline 'phone number and an alternate number (mobile recommended). Add, then scroll down and add the email address to Private notes and save changes. The TalkTalk Community Team OCE will then be able to link to your TalkTalk service account and email account to check for mailbox issues.  That'll be from Monday onwards.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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