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Email access problem

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My 85year old grandparents are in 12 week lockdown and cannot now access my grandfathers email which they were hoping to use to stay in contact with our family during these uncertain and lonely times.

We have tried all day with the passwords that could be but even the saved one on the computer is not getting him in and we are at a loss of what to do next. We have tried to reset for him but the reset info goes to that address so in a catch 22 position. Can someone please please help and give them a lifeline to the outside world.


Many Thanks,


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Try not accepting the Cookies - it works for us. We`ve had intermittent problems with email access ever since the email service was upgraded. I know that you`re not really supposed to decline the cookies but if that`s the only way to access your emails then we have no choice.




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Hi @Liamd 


Looking at the saved logins on a browser or an email client like Thunderbird is often a great workaround to find a 'lost' password when you need to login on a different device.


If you cannot discover the password and no password recovery Reset details have been set up in advance then the only fix is to ask TalkTalk to set up new Reset details of an alternative email address and mobile number to receive a reset link or code.


This is not a quick fix. Especially now.


The other issue is that TalkTalk will ask for the registered account holder to register with Community because verification will require the account holder to provide some personal data.


Is this a feasible request?

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 Like below to appreciate my help . . . Best answer is + Accept as Solution