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Email deliverability issues with Talk Talk domains Error: TT406

First Timer
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Dear Sirs

I hope you can help, yesterday (22 March 2021) we have an email from our noreply email account to an address, bounce back with the following error:
550 5.1.0 OOtalgBd1RJPF Sorry, we’ve identified a number of outgoing emails from your email provider as spam so we haven’t been able to send your email to its intended recipient. Please try again later or using an alternative email address. For more information visit our help article (link: (TT406)
The email was a dispatch confirmation from our online shop. The domain only sends out order / dispatch confirmation and sales correspondence emails, any marketing emails are from a separate domain. We have SPF and DKIM headers in place on the domain. All emails are sent via the Google GSuite email servers.
The only url links on the email are to the website homepage, the delivery information page, the contact us page (with a query arg on the later to pre-fill the order number), and a link to the returns pdf. In addition image urls to: a logo, thank you and information banners.
Any help in resolving this, or contacting TalkTalk postmaster would be gratefully received. 
As a side note, the help page link provided in the bounce email ( redirects to:  which displays an access denied page, even after creating a talktalk community account.

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That's great news Mark, thanks for letting us know 



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Hi Chris 

Thanks for getting back to us. Apologies, I meant to reply earlier.

Since 26 March all customer emails have gone through without bounce backs. Not sure if this was due to Ady @Ady-TalkTalk  looking into it for us (if so, very many thanks). 

Either way, looks like talktalk have resolved the issue their end. 

Thanks again



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Hi uttmroper,


Apologies for the delay. I know it's been a few days since your last post so could you just confirm that you are still experiencing this problem.



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Hi Ady, thanks for reply.

Yep, we are still struggling to find out how to contact anyone at TalkTalk to resolve this. My email to just bounces back and the link on the bounce email is invalid.

If you have any information on how to contact someone relevant, or if you are able to help directly (I can provide more info via PM) I'd be extremely grateful.

Many thanks


Support Team
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Hi uttmroper, are you still having problems with this? 



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