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Email down

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Oh here we go again. Email (I use webmail) completely unusable for the last few days. If I manage to log in it is only briefly functional. That stupid message appears in red, 'could not connect to specified mail server. Please check your account settings'. I have those useless conversations with TT by phone and 'chat'. They don't help. Waste of time as they refuse to accept it is anything to do with the current so-called 'Upgrade'. Went through a laughable process of going to 'settings' to relink. These have been exactly the same for ever and - of course - this charade has made no improvement at all. And that enigmatic 'null' is also back: what is that? (appears instead of Inbox heading). Why doesn't the company keep us advised and reassure us that many others are similarly affected. Also where is the update on problems being fixed?

17:04 update. Absolutely no progress and the latest 'Chat' disappeared! I have refreshed the browser etc. Nothing helps. AND NOW the whole Talktalk webmail page is a blank.


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Thank you for your efforts. No fear not sorted. Have refreshed about ten times just to stay connected for short while. Still getting that same message 'unable to connect to server' etc or 'contact your adminstrator', though no 'nulls' today (what is that?). The symptoms are just the same as before when there was chaos at Talktalk. Also I cannot see how suddenly my own address is listed in the wrong place. Why has this happened when I have done nothing to change settings? and until fairly recently everything worked just fine for months on end? Anyway, when I have managed to log in, system painfully slow, hangs up every few minutes etc. etc. Giving up for a while as do not have half a day to waste.

Support Team
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Hi jeanrees0723, I've just sorted the issue with your mailbox it wasn't anything to do with the new mail platform as you're not on it yet. You had your own email address in your blocked senders list. This can cause all sorts of issues. I've now successfully been able to login and your inbox loads as normal. Please retest and let me know how you get on. 

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