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Email not Downloading Thunderbird

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Trying to help a friend.


Thunderbird 78.14.0 (32-bit) - Win 10


Says connected but no download. 


Can access webmail.


Servers were imap now changed to 


Any suggestions?




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Hi Keith, thanks for taking the time to post back to let Gondola know that their help has proven successful as always.



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Hi keithwjones 


Did CCleaner find any malware or corrupted files? A data corruption would be fixed by the account removal, reboot and re-add the account but CCleaner may have fixed a corrupted file. 


Good to know your friend is back in action both for webmail and Thunderbird. Fingers crossed for a good outcome for the broadband service and reliability there.

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I probably owe you an apology. 


I had this same conversation with you a few months. So looking at that I ran Ccleaner rebooted and I can now send and receive email.


May be a coincidence after the engineer work today.


Only hope that whatever they do tomorrow it still works. Taken me most of the day to get it going.


Thanks for the help.



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Hi keithwjones 


As I understand from your posts, the customer has an active MyAccount and the email address in question is listed there. In which case the mailbox would not be limited to webmail only access.  He should be able to use the mailbox both via webmail and an email client like Thunderbird.


But you did mention broadband connectivity issues so maybe the problem is just establishing and maintaining a connection to the server.


Take screenshots of the incoming and outgoing (SMTP) server settings, image edit to obscure the first part of the email address and upload here if you'd like me to see what's been set up to ensure there's no problem.


After I've had chance to review, and as it's an IMAP connection so emails will be on the server, you can go to Account Actions and Remove Account to set it up afresh using the settings I've given in the table. Remember to save the password.

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Have checked his account and the email is there.


In his account is:

Welcome Back

1. Broadband and phone go live

Your broadband & home phone service as part of your Fast Broadband package is


Your order is complete and your service is active.


Go live due date:
10 September 2021 (Before midnight)


Does this explain what has happened?



Package overview

Fibre 35
18 months
Engineers have said too far from exchange for fibre?
I have spent most of today supporting your customer who is elderly and does not understand computers.

Looks as though the fault is your end. Can you please check the account.



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Thanks for quick reply.


He is a long term TT customer with BB. His service is down more than it is up. Engineer been again today and got it working, claiming not wired correctly in inside box.


What service has he got. Was ADSL but upgraded some months ago to fibre - did not work too far from exchange. Put back to ADSL although there appears to be an order going through tomorrow for Fast Broadband free upgrade. Whatever that is.


I am confident that I have right server settings so will work through your suggestions and report back.


I picked up your response in his emails on webmail so you know that is his account with you. 




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Is your friend a TalkTalk Consumer customer paying for a home broadband service?


Heads up that orphan email addresses, that's TalkTalk Mail addresses not added to an active TalkTalk Consumer customer MyAccount, are being limited to Internet browser webmail access and flagged for deletion if no action is taken*. TalkTalk email notifications are being sent.


If your friend is a TalkTalk Consumer home broadband or MailPlus, mail only, subscriber customer, check that the TalkTalk Mail email address is added to a customer MyAccount.  Let us know the customer status and if they're taking a full-fibre home broadband service from TalkTalk. Manage TalkTalk Mail options are not yet included in the full-fibre MyAccount management. 


 Email not showing in My Account


Noted that webmail is working: Sign in to TalkTalk Mail


Enter the email address and password, select Sign in. If you know the current email password you'll get signed in via this webmail access.


* The action to take to restore email access on supported devices is:

  • Add the email address to an active TalkTalk Consumer customer MyAccount
  • If not a customer, rejoin TalkTalk for home broadband or subscribe to  TalkTalk MailPlus

 About TalkTalk MailPlus


Does this explain what's happening or might there be another issue? 


We're seeing a few TalkTalk Consumer customers using out of date (not recognised) legacy server host name and maybe insecure port settings. The email client software / app requires updating to replace the out of date settings.


The TalkTalk email settings for all mailboxes managed by TalkTalk Consumer are those given in the  TalkTalk Mail Support Hub


On updating the email software incoming, outgoing and some advanced server settings, you'll possibly be asked to accept a new certificate (yes, accept) and to enter the email password so have the current password ready. Tick to save the password before entering it.


Supported* email client and app settings are:

Account Type  IMAP (recommended) or POP3
Username Full email address
Password Email password
Incoming mail server
Incoming Port (IMAP / POP3) 993 / 995
Incoming Connection Security SSL/TLS (Use SSL on for mobile)
Outgoing mail server
Outgoing Port 587
Outgoing Connection Security STARTTLS (Use SSL on for mobile)
Outgoing Authentication Required Yes
Authentication Method Normal Password

Apple/Mac Mail Connection Security is use TLS/SSL


It's also important to make sure the email address is added to a TalkTalk Consumer customer MyAccount to avoid restriction to webmail only access and possible deletion. 


 Email not showing in My Account

 TalkTalk Mail Plus is the mail only subscription service for TalkTalk Mail users in the UK that are not home broadband customers.


* Email clients, apps and devices that do not support secure mail using a minimum of TLS1.2 connection security are not supported.

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