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Email not being received from (at least) one business sender

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Hi - an odd one.

I have my Pipex emails with TT, and have had no problems (touch wood).

However a weird thing happened yesterday - I book tickets with London Northwestern Railway all the time and their tickets arrive withing 1-2 minutes. The originating email address is usually


Yesterday I booked for a train a couple of hours away and the ticket never arrived on my laptop Outlook IMAP.  Phoned them, the guy resent - did not arrive. Nothing in spam etc. Cut a long story short I ended up having to travel without a ticket but was fortunately not arrested...

Phoned LNR today to complain and got a reasonable guy so I could thrash out all the possible blockage explanations with him.

He resent to  my (account) account - nothing showed up on my desktop Outlook POP3. Went into TalkTalk Webmail - nothing there. All Spam areas clear.

Guy resent to my account - arrived absolutely fine to Outlook on my desktop.


All I can think is that - for some reason - mail coming from that originating address/server is being rejected by the server end, or - hard to believe - LNR's email systems have developed an issue with double barrelled email addresses (as in rather than

Any ideas?



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Hi ico99 


A mail outage due to a DNS fail is pretty rare but there are other circumstances that can cause the inbound mail mx server to issue an 'undeliverable' error message. And mail senders, particularly those that are shared across multiple users as in this case, often take the precaution of placing a stop on sending to addresses that appear to be permanently unavailable.


'ico99' wrote:...went to 'Accept as Solution' but nothing clickable...

When signed in to Community you can select your topic in a forum and scroll to the post to be marked as the 'Best Answer or Solution'. To the bottom right of that post there's a triple vertical dots options menu that has the menu item Accept as Solution.

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Hmm - went to 'Accept as Solution' but nothing clickable (apart from Like) - Firefox on Win 10 x64

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Hi Gondola (again!)


Thanks, the DNS issue probably explains it - though a bit tricky to see if they have reset any possible 'block' on sending to my Pipex address without actually buying another ticket which I won't need to do for another week or so.

When I do I shall add a couple of days notice so that if the ticket does not appear I can chase them - to be fair their call centre responds within a couple of rings, though I think I would get a blank if I asked them to check the settings their end!

Thinking about it this may be the issue behind the sudden failure a few months back of my subscription to an interesting circular - even when I resubscribed (using the same email address - a Pipex one I just use for non-essential stuff) I never received any further emails. Maybe that was due to a similar DNS issue that happened then.

Thanks for the clear explanation also.

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Hi ico99 


There was an issue with the Domain Name System (DNS) for the TalkTalk mail platform between 17:15 and 21:15 on 30May2022. No mail incoming to the TalkTalk Mail platform during these times.


Pipex mail incoming for all pipex domains including will resolve to either the or servers. From there the mail is routed via smtp servers to the TalkTalk Mail platform but as the DNS was out of action the mail servers could not be identified and therefore the mx server would bounceback an undeliverable error to the originator.


The and mail servers were up and running but the smtp servers for were not resolvable via DNS and that's why mail delivery and mail sending via the servers was not active.


When a mail sender gets an undeliverable error message that sender may retry and if that retry fails then the sender can cease sending to that address. A stop on sending is purely a protective measure so the sender doesn't get blacklisted for sending to potentially non-existent addresses.


What I suggest is that you ask the customer service to ask their email admins to clear any stop on sending to your pipex address. That should then resolve the issue.


Also worth a check that you are not using legacy settings in your mail clients and there's no auto-forward or other filter rule set up in TalkTalk webmail.


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