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Email not working in TalkTalk webmail

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For two weeks now I have received no email via the webmail server, is anyone else having problems?


I have phoned support on numerous occasions, and am told there is an issue with the new platform. And they will update me this coming Thursday 4/04 it really is not good enough, no mail since 22/23rd of March.



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Our Network Team have asked if you can confirm if you're logging in through the new mail platform and haven't been clicking on a possible bookmark that saved the link to the old platform?





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What she means is that you should post back. It moves your thread back into our queue so that we can check on your progress. We don't get alerts from the fault team on this ticket type so it's best if you post back and chase us up if you're not sorted yet. 

Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Hi OCE_Michelle,


Being new to the community, could you please explain what you mean by "bump your thread"


I am expecting an update from the case management tomorrow, but to be honest I don't have a great deal of faith, this has been going on now for nearly two weeks, I would have thought it would have been resolved by now.




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I've passed this fault over for investigation now. If you don't hear back within 72hrs then please can you bump your thread and we can re-check for an update for you.





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Many thanks Gondola, for your time and patience, checked auto forwarding in webmail settings, as you suggested, and all check boxes are blank except the "process subsequent Rules one"


Hope I get all my backlogged email soon, as I am expecting some quite important ones!




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Hi RG1947 


No need for me to see the screenshots as you've confirmed that the iPad or iPhone is perfectly set up as an IMAP account. If all devices are set up the same and all are performing correctly then all that are in your control should be connecting to the email mailbox and seeing exactly what you see when connected via the Webmail login.


In summary, your device setup wouldn't be the cause of the missing emails.


Changing the email password would protect the email account from other unauthorised devices connecting, downloading and deleting emails. I'd change the password and just have webmail as a single email solution until the issue is resolved and incoming emails have returned.


Checking for unauthorised mail forwarding is Webmail > Menu > Settings > Email > Auto Forward.


Hopefully the TalkTalk team can follow up with the technicians looking at the account mailbox setup

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Gondola, I’ve searched settings and all the info I can find is what I posted earlier, I have taken screenshots of each setting but don’t seem able to add them here, any suggestions as to how I can do that?



Sorry I misread your post, I didn't enter my name or email address in the post 10, for security reasons, but they are there, I should have put asterix in there.


On Incoming server, there is no mention of port Number. User authentication is set to "password" and SSL is set to on. Sorry further edit, have found the incoming port number in the advance section, it is set at 993


Account is set to "Imap", not "pop3"


Just to reiterate, we didn't make any settings alterations during or before the weekend the problems surfaced. And mail was coming through ok up to then.


BTW, I gave the talktalk case management team authorisation to access my email account on Wednesday last week 27/03. And am still awaiting their results, during the same discussion I remember them saying it was being investigated at the Manchester office.


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Hi RG1947 


In post 10 of this thread the server settings you've given look ok.


But the key ones that are omitted:


In the account setup where you get Name, Email, Description, the Email entry would normally be the full email address.


Not mentioned are the Incoming server settings - The port number - is it 993 or 995? - The Authentication (set to Password) and Use SSL? (set to on?)


As for Webmail - What you see in the Webmail mailbox should be what you see on any device connecting as an IMAP account.  A POP3 account would download from the Inbox and so long as that POP3 account is set to Keep emails on the server / Never delete from the server then what you see on that device is what's in the Webmail Inbox.

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Hi Gondola,


Just sent test messages from my Outlook app to my talktalk account, no bounce back message, also appears in sent box.


Also sent a message from my friends talktalk account to my account, shows as sent, and no error message showing or bounce back.


Neither test message shows in my webmail inbox. 


Sent a test message from my webmail page, to myself, and still nothing showing in the inbox, but shows as sent. No bounce back or error message!!!! 



Sorry I forgot to answer your query as to anything new being set up or anything reset, the we’re none of these carried out.



Further  thought, would phone/iPad settings have any effect on accessing the TalkTalk webmail account? My thoughts are that it wouldn’t have any consequence, as I’m accessing from the internet.


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Hi Gondola,


I have tried checking the IMAP settings, but they don't show in the email settings, Will this be because it is already set up a long time ago?


It shows: 




Description: talktalk


Incoming mail  server

Host name:

Username: ***.****

Password: *********


Outgoing mail server

SMTP   >>>>        on  >> server on >> Host name >>User name >>***.**** >> Password *******

USE SSL >>on >>>Authentication  Password


Server port  587


No mention of outgoing security.



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...don't worry about the error message during the failure period. That one and others were sent out.


But if you are getting any error messages now or bounceback error messages when you send to the talktalk account from another email address then do let us know the full error message.

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Note: During the period I could not send mail, I was getting an error message as follows:


Message could not be sent to the following recipients: [*******] (550 - 550 5.1.0 8NtohgZMQneQn Sender Domain Invalid(TT420)


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...just one more thing before I forget.


So that TalkTalk can link you to your email account, please ensure your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) includes your name, address, current TalkTalk landline 'phone number and an alternate number (mobile recommended). Add, then scroll down and add the email address to Private notes and save changes.

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Hi RG1947 


I've reviewed the email issues and the TalkTalk Mail failure and reboot of the servers was confirmed resolved at 1.30pm on Fri 22 March. Some customers using email clients still had issues connecting and this was confirmed resolved at 8am on Sun 24 March. A few customers still having send and receive issues and this was confirmed resolved at 5.11pm on Mon 25 March. 


So, yes there were issues but to the best of my knowledge none specific to just receive only failing. But the server reboot was on Fri 22 March and that is coincident with the timing of your last received email. So that's an interesting fact.


There could be a mailbox error consequent to the original fault that still requires a TalkTalk fix.


Did you set up any additional devices to check your email on or around 22 March? Perhaps on your friend's mobile or tablet when those resumed receiving email but yours didn't? I'm just trying to work on the logic of why all your devices appear to be syncing to the mailbox, all showing the same but none are receiving new emails.


Just for completeness, could you confirm if the devices are set up as IMAP accounts or POP3 (or a mix) and if they're using the settings in the table here:


The email settings you need are:


Account Type  IMAP (recommended) POP3
Login / Username
Password Yes Yes
Incoming mail server
Incoming Port 993 995
Incoming Security SSL/TLS SSL/TLS
Outgoing SMTP server
Outgoing Port 587 587
Password Authentication Sign in / Normal
Sign in / Normal


For Outlook don't use SPA but do use My network requires authentication.

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My issue seems to have started on Saturday/Sunday 22/23 March after returning from holidays, at which time there appears to have been an issue at TalkTalk with people not being able to access emails. After trying my usual access via IPad mail app, I then logged in to my webmail account, and nothing was coming in or going out, my friend had the same issues on her two devices, iPad and iPhone. So we were having issues across 5 devices.Late Sunday pm hers started to receive mail, but mine wouldn’t do either, even in my webmail account I couldn't send or receive. Then on Monday I was able to send mail, but could not receive anything. Online chats with tech guys at TalkTalk, and attempted test sending of emails, they escalated the issue to higher tech managers. Having still not been able to receive mail, I rang TalkTalk tech again, They said they would call back to update, I think that was supposed to be the Thursday of last week.


Anyway still not able to receive mail I called them on Wednesday, and was told higher tech management were still working on the issue and will call back. On Monday 02/04 I again rang to express my dismay, and they told me they would call back on Thursday  04/04, so I am still waiting.


To the best of my abilities, answers to your comments:


1: I assume this may be why they are still working on this repair job, not sure!


2: My mailbox in the webmail account is only showing as 5.9 mb used of 10 gb.


3: Don’t know!


4: Don’t know.


5: Will check.


I have been checking constantly through the webmail account in my account, and checked all file, junk, spam, etc. Besides iPad, iPhone, and outlook on my pc, but ALL show the last received mail as at 22/03/19. But mostly using my iPad for ease of access.


hope that makes sense.


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Hi RG1947 


There are a number of possibilities:

  • There's a corruption of the Mailbox or the Mailbox is unavailable
    Although there would usually be an error message
    TalkTalk would need to fix this issue by running a Mailbox repair job
  • The Mailbox is full and not able to take more messages
    Again, there would usually be an error message
    If full you may have to delete several thousand email messages to gain space
  • Mail forwarding or filtering has been set up
    This could be with or without your knowledge
  • Someone has obtained your password and has set up an email POP3 client
    POP3 by default will download and delete emails from the Inbox
  • That someone could be you if one of your mobile devices is set up as a default POP3 account and you don't realise what it's doing. Check each device Inbox
    Check device settings: Email settings - IMAP or POP3 

After checking settings, the next troubleshooting step is to sign in to TalkTalk Webmail and to check there rather than with any email clients or email apps. Ensure you're fully completing the sign in to the new mail platform.  Check all folders including Trash and Spam.


Check / disable the Blocked Senders Filter if there is one. Check to see if the Mailbox is full - you're allowed up to 10GB of server space. Check for other filtering / mail Auto forwarding.


If in any doubt scan your computer for malware / viruses and then change the email password. Remember that if your email is also the username login for MyAccount then the MyAccount password will also be changed. You'll need to change the password for all email clients and apps.


A clean computer and a new password will give you the confidence that someone else cannot set up an email account to download, read and delete your emails. 

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I am talking about receiving email in the webmail for a account, I have an open complaint/issue with the higher tech management group, I can send messages out (although last weekend I couldn’t do that) I have sent numerous “test” emails to myself, and they go, but don’t then come back into my inbox.

Several calls to the tech team, and as many diagnostics test have not done any good.

Last weekend, we had the same issue on two accounts, one was sorted, but didn’t seem to get the backlog of incoming mail. Mine has not received any mail since 22/23 March.

So I can’t get mail through IPhone, iPad or even pc using outlook, purely and simply because nothing is getting into the TalkTalk server.

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Hi @RG1947 


If you can sign in to TalkTalk Webmail and access your mailbox then the new TalkTalk Mail platform is working for both incoming and outgoing emails.


Can you sign in ok?  Any error messages when sending email or if you send the email account an email from another email address?


What's the email domain - the bit after the @ in the email address?  i.e.,, tiscali or another?



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