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Email outage

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I haven't been able to access my email obscured for customer security by Webmail or IMAP for about 24 hours now.

According to, there are "no reported issues" with email.
But documents a range of issues, one of which may apply to me - "Unable to connect to e-mail server"

"A fix will be applied by the TalkTalk Mail platform operator as soon as possible"

When will "as soon as possible" occur?

Is there a reason to stay with TalkTalk for a service like email, if a 24 hour outage isn't worth mentioning in your service status?

(Note: this is a new 'community account', because I can't get into my existing one - which is based on the email I can't get to!)


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This was resolved shortly after I posted.

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Hi PeterParslow1 


OX Mail Fault: Unable to connect to e-mail server. Possible reasons: The e-mail server is (temporarily) down or there are network connection problems. Please try again in a few minutes.


It's a local issue at the TalkTalk Mail platform and some mailboxes are not being accessed. I've reported the issue to TalkTalk and it's been alerted to the Mail platform operator. I'm awaiting feedback on a fix.  No feedback on that as yet.


So that TalkTalk Support can co-ordinate the issue of those mailboxes that are on the Mail platform server that is not currently accessible: Would you kindly add, and note the email address that's not accessible, in your Community profile, Private notes - in the My Settings   Personal Information page - at the bottom of the page immediately above the Save Changes button that you'll then need to update the page.

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