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Emails Bounced By

Manu Sabu
First Timer
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I am receiving bounce-back messages from host with TT code TT991 and then TT512.

Please let me know why.


Thank you


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Hi Manu Sabu 


Is this a single email address you're sending mail to or another TalkTalk managed domain? If a different domain, what is the domain and is the email address an alias for a primary email address? i.e. it may have a symbol in the local or first part of the email address.


What happens if you send to - do you get an auto response or still get the TT991 bounceback?


Have you checked if the TalkTalk mailbox exists?   Enter the email address at Verifalia, an external website that verifies if an email address exists. Enter the email address, complete the reCAPTCHA and select the Validate button. Does the top line response say 'Deliverable' or something else?


TT991 is the mail filtering system that has a reason for suspecting something wrong about your mail message or it's sender and has deferred the message for inspection / scanning.   Assuming the message made it through scanning and then got a TT512 bounceback error then that means the mailbox is not available for or not accepting delivery.


What domain are you sending your message from?

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