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Emails disappearing from Gateway inbox

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Over the past two days a number of emails have disappeared from my UK Gateway mailbox, and no longer appear either on mail apps or on webmail.  It is not being caused by synching - they are just disappearing.  Has anyone noticed anything similar?


I am keen to change my email password in case someone has access, but I can't find an option for changing a legacy email password as I don't have an account with which to sign in.


Any advice or assistance gratefully received.


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Hi Nick, Gondola will give you only the very best advice. 




Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Hi welsh_baritone 


Outlook operating as a fully synchronised email client would certainly match the symptoms as you've just described. So long as the Trash online mailbox is synced to the Deleted items folder you should be able to recover any of those deleted mail messages from the Online Trash folder.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Many thanks Gondola - it isn't what you've suggested, but your comment has got me thinking. I changed my Outlook mailbox from POP3 to IMAP before Christmas (which I promptly forgot), and then about two weeks ago deleted emails from my Outlook Inbox while working offline. I have a sneaking suspicion that Outlook may have synched today and deleted those mails from the server when it opened a message pop-up having clicked on an email hyperlink.


I'll check my settings tomorrow and if it's what I think it is, I'll mark this as solved.


Thanks again




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That's great. The password change will lock out any unauthorized mail collection or POP3 email clients. 


You didn't by any chance set up a new email device? If someone had set up a POP3 email account to collect mail on or around 28 January and used the default 'delete after 14 days' that could describe the symptoms. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Many thanks Gondola - that's all done, so that is the password sorted.


The issue is not with new emails; as an example I have lost all emails dated between the 7th and 21st January; the reason I noticed is that I had four unread mails from that period, and two were lost overnight, and one this evening.


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Hi welsh_baritone 


Prepare for TalkTalk Mail Support by including in your Community Profile, Personal Information (here):

  • Your name, current TalkTalk home 'phone number. An alternative (mobile preferred) contact number. Full address with postcode (Location)
  • Scroll down to Private notes to add the UK Gateway email address, notes and references etc
  • After checking and updating, Save changes

Select here: Sign in to TalkTalk Mail

Enter your UK Gateway email address and password, select Sign in.


Check the  Inbox first and then check  Spam and  Trash folders for mail messages that may have been diverted from the Inbox. Bear in mind the spam and trash folders normally contain mail not older than 30 days.  Do you see the expected mail messages?


Compose and self-send the same mailbox a mail message. Check that the message sends without error, is copied into the Sent objects folder and arrives and stays in the Inbox.


Mail not reaching the Inbox could mean there's a Filter rule, including an Auto forward which is a special filter rule, that's diverting, discarding or blocking mail.

  • To check, select the Main Settings menu icon      triple line icon top right on the blue header
    (Mobile browser? use the desktop version)
  • Select Settings from the top of the menu
  • Select the inward facing arrowhead by Mail (or Email) in the left side panel
  • Select Filter Rules
    If there's no rule defined, that's perfect
  • To delete a Filter rule including any Auto forward
    select the Dustbin icon    to the right of the rule
    The icon background will turn red    
  • To confirm you really want to delete this Filter rule
    Select the blue Delete button

Let us know of any error message, or if mail did not arrive in the Inbox or disappeared from the Inbox. Collecting mail messages with a POP3 mail account or mail collection service, like Gmail, may be deleting messages from the online Inbox.


Password Reset details should have been set up for the email address so that an alternate email address and or mobile number can receive a password reset link or 6 digit code. Please try the Forgotten your password? option. Enter your email address, complete the reCAPTCHA security and select Continue.


If there's an alternate email address or mobile number shown that you recognise from the hints, and have access to, then please select one of those to send a password reset. If you can sign in to TalkTalk Mail webmail then for routine password changes select the password reset to be sent to the account itself or, preferably, update your Reset details via the TalkTalk Mail main settings menu then use the Forgotten Password journey.


Are you a TalkTalk Consumer, home broadband, or MailPlus, mail only, customer? Provided the password has not been reset then if you know the current email password you can change the password in your MyAccount* > My Services > Manage TalkTalk Mail.


Here's the advice article on  Managing your email in My Account


Update your reset details is an option on the main settings menu (triple line icon on the top right header or cog icon on a mobile browser).


Menu options - Update your reset details 05Aug2020


Check, update and Save the Reset details if needed, then use the Reset your password now button in the help page  Changing your email password.


My recommendation is to exceed the minimum required and use a password of 12-15 multicase letters and numbers and a symbol. Created from multiple words gives an opportunity to memorise the password that, for security, needs to be unique to the mailbox. The Internet browser that you use for TalkTalk Mail may also offer to generate a secure password and can save the login for you.


Use  TalkTalk Online Defence (SuperSafe) to keep your security strong and, as part of TalkTalk's security, is a  Password Manager that is useful for generating unique passwords, keeping those passwords secure, ready for your login.


At this point you will have checked the TalkTalk Mail UK Gateway mailbox folders, checked that there are no Filter rules unexpectedly operating, updated your reset details if necessary and upgraded the password.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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