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Emails filed to folders are missing in webmail

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So we've left TalkTalk, and whilst we've copied down the emails for safe keeping, some of the emails filed into folders are not accessible, the error message the folder doesnt exist on the server pops up, yet the folder is visible on the left hand side of the webpage and its when we click on one of those folders, the error message pops up.


How do get those missing emails back?


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Hi darksidemaze, it looks like Gondola's got this in hand for you. 


Please let us know how you get on. 




Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Hi darksidemaze 


The purchased tv content may be difficult to track down. It all depends on what action you took in 2018.


In 2018, TalkTalk customers would either have sync'd their Blinkbox TV accounts to the TalkTalk TV Store or would have become customers of Rakuten TV. Rakuten TV would have 'moved' or re-established purchased content onto a Rakuten TV account or if this was not possible would have fairly compensated customers. So, you may or may not find your previously purchased content in a Rakuten TV account.


Notifications went out in April 2018 and the migration to Rakuten TV was completed by July 2018. But if you were a TalkTalk TV customer in 2018 and had sync'd your Blinkbox TV account to the TalkTalk TV Store account then I'd assume you'd see your previously purchased Blinkbox TV content via the TalkTalk TV website.

Back onto the TalkTalk Mail system. TalkTalk don't remove mail messages from customer mailboxes apart from a flagged up auto-delete of content in Spam and Trash standard folders and an auto-delete of unused mailboxes as flagged up in Terms & Conditions.


Spam and Trash Auto-deleted after 30 days 6Nov2020


As, previously mentioned, TalkTalk don't run a backup service to recover 'lost' mail. There are systems in place to deal with failures or unexpected faults and to automatically recover from such faults in real time. Notwithstanding this standard approach a mail operating system shouldn't be treated like a bank vault for storing valuable items. A mail system is usually reliable but unrecoverable faults can happen and that's why customer backups are important.

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The TV box purchases refers to FAQ's that only went up around 2018, we had already signed up to the TV box for several years before then, possibly even 10 years, I'd have to check, but this was long before the which later became for a period of time when TT acquired them before it became what is now even existed.


I'll go back through the records, because it seems the goal posts have been moved when it comes to watching the purchases on the device we made them on and these changes is not something which was made clear at the time of signing up to the TV package and our films purchases are not showing in the website either, just the Mr Robot tv series purchases.


As to the screen shot with the email folder error, unfortunately I cant find a screenshot on the machine that was used to download them, but it definitely mentioned because at the time when I was shown the error message, I remarked thats a localhost ip address and I said it looked to me like the webmail interface was not routing the request properly to the relevant machine(s)/ports/db where ever the emails were stored. 


As our tv box purchases is currently incomplete it looks like there is some corruption in the talktalk system in general. 


As to TT not being a back up service, thats fine its only been used as a webmail interfacce, but if a customer doesnt remove the emails from the TT mail systems either using pop/smtp/imap/webmail then I'm not aware of anything that allows TT to lose/remove emails from their systems, unless you know otherwise?




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...Don't read what's not there though...there is no support route to a backup because TalkTalk do not offer a backup service. Backups are a user responsibility and TalkTalk encourage users to backup important mail messages.


The TalkTalk Mail repair job, if possible, may recover mailbox content that's not accessible because of corruption. But if mail messages are deleted from the mailbox they are not recoverable.


Here's the advice you need about your TalkTalk TV content. MyAccount is not necessary for you to access content via Essentially, when you leave TalkTalk broadband your purchased content is no longer viewable via the TalkTalk TV Box just via the website player and apps. Your purchased content is on the website My TV tab.

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I'll bear the rest in mind, we have some tv/film purchases but not all of them are showing at the moment in so hopefully the MyAccount wont be deleted after 12months and we've gone over to outlook for now so probably wont be a need for MailPlus.


I'm on another computer at the moment, when I can get back onto the pc which was used to download the emails to I'll be able to search for the screen shots, fairly certain some were made at the time, in which case I'll post back and explore the support route to restore a backup.


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Hi darksidemaze 


Even without seeing a screenshot that does appear to be a standard error message produced by the TalkTalk mail platform e.g. Error MSG 01002 Mail folder could not be found on mail server when connecting to the remote server


My suggestion was simply to force a new session just in case the current user session had come across corrupted data preventing it from completing tasks properly.


Just to let you know that there's no need to rush.  TalkTalk will ask you if you wish to subscribe to TalkTalk MailPlus and you'll have at least 60 days of full access and a further 120 days of webmail only access before the mailbox gets flagged for deletion should you choose not to become a MailPlus customer.


Your MyAccount remains active for 12 months after leaving assuming there's just broadband, tv and phone services listed.  Which means you can delete the mailbox permanently via your MyAccount at any time normally up to 12 months from leaving if you've definitely finished using the mailbox and don't need MailPlus.


Would you like to see if the email admins can run a repair job on the mailbox? Long shot but if you don't think you've deleted the folders and there has been corruption then a repair job may be possible.


To link this topic to your TalkTalk Mail service, in preparation for direct help from TalkTalk support, please check your Community Profile includes in Personal Information (Click here):

Your name, former TalkTalk landline 'phone and alternate number (mobile preferred). Add your full address with postcode (location). Then scroll down to Private notes to add the email address, notes and references etc and then save changes.

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Dont recall emptying Trash, but its empty now.


As per your original suggestion of logging off and back in again, as we had been downloading what emails we could over a period of days, your suggestion didnt work. The message from memory was a light blue bordered message that popped up in the top middle of the web browser. 


I think it also had the IP address which suggested its looking on Localhost.


I'll search around and see if I took a screen grab.


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Hi darksidemaze 


If you've deleted the folders then just like deleted mail messages you'll find those in the Trash folder.


When Trash contains deleted folders there will be an inward facing arrowhead on the folder line. Just select the arrowhead to expand to show the folders. Select the folder to show the mail message contents.


If you've emptied the Trash folder then the contents no longer exist on the server.

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Cant do that they have all be deleted now.


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Hi @darksidemaze 


This could just be a transient fail to load the folders so sign out of TalkTalk Mail, exit the browser then:

Enter your email address, select Continue.

Enter your email password, select Sign in.


If the error message is still present can you take a screenshot to show us what you see. Obviously image edit any personally identifiable data before uploading here.

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