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Emails not being received from one address...

Trevor H
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Hi People...


I hope someone can sort out this ongoing problem which I've had for over a year now... Whenever my brother sends me an email from his own domain name, it is always returned to him as "undeliverable".

Apparently, our parents have also been unable to hear from him too, but he was able to guide them into their webmail service (for BT internet) and to add his domaion name to "Safe Senders".

The problem is now resolved with our parents but I am unable to find a similar option on talktalk's webmail. I have looked at various posts on here, which usually refer to the settings but I cannot find any listing for either safe or unsafe senders. I've heard mention of adding a "rule" but why should an email service have to be given a special instruction for one particular sender which it would apply to everyone else anyway... There are NO blocked senders, no nasty rules to block his emails...


Can anyone please tell me how to add my brother's domain name so I can get his emails into my inbox again!!!




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Hi @Trevor H 


TalkTalk Mail doesn't currently ofer 'whitelisting' which is what your parents have been able to do to override the rejection of your brother's vanity domain email.


The problem lies with the sender your brother is using for his vanity domain address. The sender needs to be authorised to send the email for his domain. If this is not done then the mail server sees that the sender domain is different from the sending email domain so this triggers the rejection of the mail as potentially spam. This what was happening with BT and still happening with TalkTalk.


This is an issue we do sometimes see.


Your brother needs to set his mail hosting service to authenticate his mail sending or just send mail to you using a regular mail service where the sender domain is identical to the sending email address domain.

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