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Emails sent to me not arriving

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I have a regular email sent from my professional organisation and they are getting a hard bounce-back after the last one that arrived on the 9th July. They are sent normally once per week, sometimes more often and these emails have always got through to me before so, what is TalkTalk (it is on a Onetel address) playing at please by rejecting emails sent to me?



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Hi Ady, thanks, but I had this checked by my professional body, and I received the latest one yesterday, and these are weekly so, I will keep an eye on it. I think that it may have been caused by our new software company (who think that WordPress is good for a website) so, they are not a high level company in my view, and I believe that they are a bit clueless hence the mass outgoing mail hiccups. 🙂


On another issue, when I sign in there is a red oval next to my avatar with a white figure 1 in it, however, there is no indication whatsoever what this means or what this is for?



Support Team
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Hi Hughmoz, is the only email address that's rejecting their mail yours? There are as you know many reasons a sender's mail will be rejected. If you've got the senders full address time and date of sending along with your email address I can send it to be checked. 


If you send those to me by Personal Message I'll get it checked.



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