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It would appear that someone with Talk talk has decided to start closing free emails down again!


I have received several emails threatening closure of my email and despite providing the information requested by talktalk no one will talk with me. The irony of a company called talk talk refusing to talk isn't lost on me!


My account as it was last time this happen was a free internet base Tiscali email I did not have a contract nor did it require one to set it up and it was supposed to be support on a free basis for ever. Why despite all the bad press and Ofcom warnings are Talk Talk continuing on the path?


Talk Talk do the honest and honorable thing support the legacy you bought into. Or show me the the part of my contract that says you can forcibly close my account?

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Hi @Sgriff 


Here's the relevant information about TalkTalk Mail Plus. TalkTalk is closing the legacy mail platforms and its free new TalkTalk Mail service is offered to TalkTalk broadband customers only. But you are being offered the opportunity to subscribe to Mail Plus.


The Terms & Conditions of Service say that if you leave TalkTalk you may not take your email address with you. "If we give you access to an email account and an email address: (a)you don’t own them; (b)we may need to change your email address; and (c)if you leave us, you can’t keep them."


But the latest offer from TalkTalk is that you may continue to use the email address if you subscribe to Mail Plus and you'll get a Mail Plus MyAccount to manage the up to 5 mailboxes.


If you think the imminent deletion of your mailbox does not give you enough time to migrate your mail services to a free mail service provider then subscribe to Mail Plus for a month to keep the mailbox active and then cancel Mail Plus and you'll get a 2 year extension of webmail only access in which to migrate your mail. Cancel your TalkTalk service 

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