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Fault: Freedom To Surf email Down (again)

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On 14 May 2021 I noticed the loss of outgoing mail service.. The server is down.

Unusually this failure is not accompanied by the incoming mail server being down as well. This is not a logging in or authorisation problem. The server is unavailable.  This is easily checked, just do a ping for the server name.


It has now been out for a week and Talktalk say they are struggling to fix it.

But by when?


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Hi Furlough0, Gondola won't give you bad advice. If you take it you'll get the best outcome. 



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Thank you for the technical advice.  I will change my configuration to use the server for outgoing email. This will remove the need for forwarding of messages.


Definitive answers are not forthcoming and I share your doubts.


Thank you again.

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For the definitive answer you'd need to speak to TTB.


However, I personally doubt this will be given priority.  The host name could be proxied to just as resolves to (ping and you'll see for yourself).


So, my advice remains to use the host name in your email client.  And instead of the previous insecure connections for take the opportunity to upgrade to the secure SSL/TLS connections that offers you via the apm-internet servers that host the 3 remaining TTB legacy domains.

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Sorry about using the wrong forum, I did not realise that TT support was fragmented. Your suggestion would probable address the general communication problem. So thanks for that.


TTB do provide Webmail and I now use it to extract responses from a third party server and forward them to my desired address. I use the third party outgoing server to send email from my preferred client.  This round the houses solution does not solve the fundamental problem.  Which would be to simply restore the outgoing f2s server.




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Hi @Furlough0 


Are you back in action with the settings for f2s mail that I've given? 


We like feedback on Community even, as in this case, it's not a TalkTalk Consumer issue but you might be a TalkTalk Consumer home broadband customer.

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Hi @Furlough0 


Webmail access is via


Email client access uses the same server host name:

Inbound Server:
Port: 993 (IMAP) or 995 (POP3)

Outbound Server:
Port: 465


Does that get you back in action for both receiving mail to your Inbox and for sending mail?


For clarification, this Community Email forum is for TalkTalk Consumer customers with mailboxes active on the TalkTalk Mail platform. 


F2s gotadsl and nildram are not currently hosted on the TalkTalk Mail platform and are managed by TalkTalk Business (TTB) but there isn't an effective link from here to TTB.


Go direct to TalkTalk Business (TTB) TTB Support to resolve any issues with the legacy email domain. TTB should have a record of the registered user details to match to your personal details.


All requests for support need to be made to TTB.  Call 0800 083 3003 - Mon-Sun 8am-6pm Press # and when prompted select Option 4.  Or email and ask for the Email Product Manager.

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