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Forgotten password for MyAccount and email

Whizz Kid


Following device changes, my sister-in-law lost access to her TalkTalk email account (*, having forgotten the password.


As she has forgotten her password, she cannot access MyAccount either. The TalkTalk help desk were apparently not helpful, so she asked me as another TalkTalk customer for help to resolve this. In the meantime, she has set up a gmail account to use email.


The password reset page on the TalkTalk portal allows email or account details to be used for the security check.


My question is, will the reset request on account details still send a reset link to the * mailbox? If it does, there will be no way to access the link if there is no access to the mailbox. Otherwise, how is the reset link communicated?


If someone has also been in this position and resolved it, please could they clarify.


My sister-in-law is not good with tech. Therefore, I want to be comfortable with a solution that will work before starting to help her!


Thank you, Jon

Community Star

Hi @jonwort


MyAccount access can be recovered with a reset link to her mobile number as an alternative to the MyAccount login email.  Just enter the TalkTalk landline service telephone number and account number and select Continue and select the mobile radio button and Continue.


So, assuming she still has access to the recovery mobile number previously registered she'll get a text message.  With access to MyAccount she can change the email password for the MyAccount login email. NB the text message code is only valid for 1 hour.


Let me know if this fixes both issues for your sister-in-law.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Whizz Kid

Thanks Gondola


I rather suspect my sister-in-law does not have a mobile number set up on the account as an alternative.


However, talking to her this afternoon, I discovered she has a desktop PC which has an email client which still has access to her emails. So I think we should be able to get the reset link sent by email and reset the password from that PC.


If I understand you correctly, this would allow reset of the password at the MyAccount level and then this changed password would also apply to the email account, to be set in the email credentials on the PC and mobile devices.


She is not happy doing this herself, so I am going to have to get to her house some time to help. Could be a little while before this happens and I can feedback on the result.


Thanks again, Jon

Community Star

Hi Jon


Your sister-in-law ought to have a mobile number set up for recovery.  Sometimes people change mobile numbers when a new mobile contract is taken out so it's not unusual to find a mobile number hasn't been updated.


Good news about the desktop pc still having access to the email account.  Might it also have access to MyAccount? If the browser has remembered, via the saved passwords feature, the MyAccount password, she might be able to reveal it in the browser and job done.


If she needs to use the MyAccount password reset and get the reset email sent to the email account then access to MyAccount will be recovered and she can set a new password for MyAccount. But, the password for MyAccount ought not be the same as the password for the email account itself. OK, some people will use the same password and if so then what you've described will work. 


But, it's never recommended to use the same password for different functions. If the email was hacked and password discovered then MyAccount would be vulnerable and vice-versa.


My recommendation would be to recover access to MyAccount and then in MyAccount > My Services > Manage Webmail - select the email address (not the bottom line MyAccount login part but the actual email address above that) and select Change Password and set a new ultra-strong password that's different from the MyAccount login password.


Now, when she comes to change the email password a pop-up box will appear with three password boxes to fill in and this does confuse so I'll explain.


Top box - enter the password she just created for the new MyAccount login

Middle box - create a new password for the email account

Lower box - confirm the new password for the email account


GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Whizz Kid

Brilliant, Gondola, thank you for the step-by-step guide