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Did you mean: reporting that messages from them to me are "rejected" as spam.

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I'm having problems with reporting that messages from them to me are "rejected" by talktalk as spam. They are then disabling the sending of the messages.

Nothing is sent to me to indicate the messages are being marked as spam - nothing appears in my spam folder.

I have successfully received hundreds of such messages until the last week or so.

How do I "mark" these messages as definitely NOT spam?


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Hi freecycleuser,please send me a personal message including the full senders address, your receiving address, the date and time of sending or each example and any error message that's been provided.



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Thanks again, Gondola.


I've checked that there are no other filter rules configured. I don't know the exact talktalk response to the freecycle messages. The nearest thing to a technical explanation from the support staff was:-


"There is a standard technical protocol in the case where a provider marks a sender's mail as spam where their system sends our system an automated message instructing our system to unsubscribe your email address."


Having reset the freecycle account to re-subscribe for messages, they're coming through fine. So it seems like it's been a borderline "tripping" of some spam filtering threshold. However, it has "tripped" at least four times in the last week or so. I'm not sure that it's anything as simple as the source address that's the issue. I suspect it's more likely the content of individual messages that's being examined by the talktalk filters. However, without knowing the specific messages that cause the problem (nothing is forwarded to the spam folder), or the specific talktalk response, I'm at a loss as to how to investigate further.


Your screenshots were very useful - I definitely don't have those spam tool icons and it's not just me not knowing where to look! I've never been a fan of menus/toolbars with context sensitive layouts but I guess that's just "progress".


Thanks again for your help.


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Hi freecycleuser 


Also worth checking the Filter rules in the TalkTalk online mailbox to make sure there is no rule defined. Do you know the exact error message about spam that freecycle see bounced back from TalkTalk?


This is what you should see on the TalkTalk Mail toolbar when viewing the Inbox.


Marking as Spam.png


And then when viewing the Spam folder.


Marking as Spam or Ham.png


But I know from personal experience and 2 years and 2 months of not having this feature of that some mailboxes are not configured with this feature and TalkTalk seemingly don't know how to restore the config. Just as well I'm not troubled by any spam. But in your case it would have been helpful to get a notification sent to the mail filtering engine that the messages are not spam in your case. 


What I'll do is alert TalkTalk Support about the missing Mark as spam / Not spam feature and ask them to investigate the cause of the missing mail messages.


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Thanks for the reply.


I tried what you describe but there is no "Not Spam" tool on the toolbar, nor in the drop down menu.


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Hi freecycleuser 


You can sign in to TalkTalk Mail webmail, move one of their most recent mail messages into your Spam folder and then select from the toolbar, Not spam. 


These issues do arise if other users get fed up of receiving their mail messages and instead of unsubscribing select the Mark as Spam options on the Inbox toolbar.

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