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HELP - Out of Office not working

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I never had a problem with the old webmail and setting up Out of Office automatic replies, but since the webmail switched to the new system, it seams very inconsistent!


I set it up on the new webmail for the first time a week ago and checked it worked by sending a few test emails from my other email accounts, I eventually got it working. Today I checked to see if it was still working as it is set to work until 25/3/19, but I am not receiving any out of office replies whatsoever from the 3 none talktalk email addresses that I have tried!


Can someone please help? Thanks.


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...Ah, correction from me!


It is working here. Two hour delay on receipt of the vacation message. So, maybe it is working just not being given a high priority.


Don't forget that there is only one vacation message sent to a given sender in a set period "Number of days between vacation notices to the same sender" that is set to 1 to 31 days.


If you're testing then set that to 1 and even then a sender will only get one vacation message every 24 hours on receipt of emails regardless of the number of emails sent.

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Hopefully this will get fixed ASAP!!!


I look forward to TalkTalk's response.


Kind regards.


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Hi @lcrjames 


I cannot get any Vacation message out of the system either.


I'll let the TalkTalk Community team know.


Please check your Community Profile Personal Information (Click here) includes your name, address, current landline 'phone number and an alternate number (mobile recommended). Add, then scroll down and add the email address to Private notes and save changes. The TalkTalk Community Team OCE will then be able to link you to your TalkTalk mail account and raise a fault ticket as needed.

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