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Help Securing Hacked email account

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I have an old Tiscali email address that I no longer use as I don't have a talk talk account, I believe that it has been hacked and I wish to delete the address, I assumed it had been closed several years ago ! 

Looking at a previous post I have added all my relevant details in the private notes section but don't know how to pass this on to team to sort it out, any help gratefully received, thanks Nick.


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...good choice. It's what I would do in the circumstances.

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Hi, thanks again for your swift response, I'll get a letter in the post today. Thanks, Nick.

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Hi @Nickj78 


Within the Help page you just expand the section 'Right to be forgotten' and the DPO address is there.


Data Protection Office

TalkTalk (Compliance)

PO Box 673


M5 0NH


I'd suggest just opting for the DPO. The time lag for TalkTalk to pick up this post, verify your details and authorise a password change and waiting for that to be actioned is likely to conflict with a total deletion request.


But if you wish to have the mailboxes secured with password changes then we can request that for you. Your choice.

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Hi, thanks for your quick response, is there any way I can get this address and another I had put on hold or frozen/ secured pending me sending a letter as there doesn't appear to be an email address for the Data Protection Office in the link you gave.
Many thanks.

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Hi @Nickj78 


To see if the mailbox is still active on the TalkTalk Mail platform then enter the email address at


If that does indicate the mailbox is still active and perhaps in the hands of hackers then getting the mailbox totally deleted is a wise choice to protect your reputation and security.


The Data Protection Office team are the ones to action your request to delete your data under your GDPR right to be forgotten / right to erasure.  The Help page Access information we hold on you gives more details. The team will just need sufficient proof of your identity and that you're the registered user for the email address. For example, send only copies of documents like driving licence, Council Tax bill or bank statement and include the postal address and phone number linked to the email address when it was first registered, your current name, address, phone number and signature along with the email address and your request for data deletion.

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