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How Force Webmail To Save Passwords

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I use Chrome. Since my Pipex mailboxes have migrated to the TalkTalk platform I now have 5 mailboxes there. Whilst I mainly use an email client to collect my emails I do occasional use the webmail interface. That webpage however only stores the login credentials (email address & password) for one of the 5 addresses. When I need to access any of the other 4 I have to overtype the relevant fields in order to login. The page never asks to save the alternate credentials nor can I find a way to force it to. I have checked in Chrome settings and can see the one listed set of credentials for the relevant page and confirmed the page is not on the 'never save' list. Has TT somehow limited the number of saved credentials to just the one (daft if they have) or is there some means of adding credentials I have missed?



Eureka! Pipex mailboxes have migrated!

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Hi Steve


Yes is the answer but qualified with the rider that the mail service must support connection from other mail services. We do see yahoo / AoL / gMail etc discouraging collection of mail by other services unless the user goes through certain hoops to allow such connections.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Well all I can say is Chrome normally plays nicely for me too; it did with Pipex webmail just not TalkTalk webmail.


Thanks for your explanation of how webmail would work with added accounts. But I have, hopefully, one last question. Can you add non-TalkTalk managed emaill addresses, eg. hotmail or yahoo etc?

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Hi Steve


All I can say is that Chrome is playing nicely for me.  The popup does appear for a new, not previously saved login, offering to save that login even though it has saved two other logins Iin my example) for the same TalkTalk Mail page at


TalkTalk Mail (webmail) acts as an IMAP client. Added email accounts are also added as IMAP accounts so the primary TalkTalk mailbox simply mirrors what's in the other added email account mailboxes (secondary mailboxes).


The user can work with those secondary mailboxes in just the same way as an IMAP email client would. Reading, deleting, moving mail messages is just the same as using an IMAP email client. Including moving mail from one mailbox to another.


You can also send mail from any of those secondary mail accounts by selecting the From (drop down arrow selector) when Composing a new mail message.


TalkTalk Mail is effectively no different to using any email client in IMAP mode. A very neat mail solution.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Thanks @Gondola but I have tried those steps umpteen times but to no avail,

I never get the pop-up to save the password.

I do not use a pop-up blocker and do get pop-ups to save passwords on other sites.

I know chrome will save multiple logins for the same page as the old Pipex webmail site happily saved all 3 of mine and worked perfectly. Just not the TalkTalk webmail page.


I think its time to abandon trying to fix the problem and just live with it. I seldom use webmail.

Thanks for trying to resolve it.


If I took the other option of adding all mailboxes under one sign-in would that have any impact on collecting mail with an email client via POP? ie. how does webmail collect email from the other accounts?





Eureka! Pipex mailboxes have migrated!

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Hi Steve


OK, so I just deleted the saved login for one of my TalkTalk mailboxes already saved with the others in the Chrome browser.  So, to get the mailbox sign in re-added to Chrome.


  • Go to the TalkTalk Mail sign in
  • Ignore the saved logins on offer
  • Enter the 'new' email address
  • Enter the password
  • Select Sign in
  • The TalkTalk Mail sign in proceeds
  • There's a pop-up window as shown here
    If you never see that pop-up then disable any pop-up blocker

Chrome Saved Login.png


The Username is obviously correct because I've just signed in. But I need to check the password before saving.

  • Show the password by selecting the eye icon
    (you may have to verify your Windows login)
  • Then select the correct password from the drop down list
    If you don't go through this process then that's when the wrong password can get saved - when using multiple sign ins on the same webpage as in this example.
  • Select the Save button

Having done the above, my TalkTalk mailbox username and password is now presented when I select the Email address box on wishing to sign in to a new mailbox having positively signed out of the mailbox I previously signed in to.


I think that proves that Chrome does do what you want. 


Personally, I think it's a faff to have to sign out and sign in to view different mailboxes. Just add the mailboxes to one sign in. The mailboxes are all in one place.  Mail is collected automatically. You'll see when new mail arrives by the unread mail indicator by the mailbox / folder name.

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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I had already checked that Offer To Save Passwords and Autofill are set to On.

I have already used the Manage Passwords option in Chrome and confirmed there is just a single email address/password saved for the webmail site.

When I get to the password box after inputting an alternate email address I am presented with Use Password For and it just lists the password for the one, saved address. I cannot get any other onto the list.

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Hi Steve


A unified mailbox is not what I'm talking about here. Just adding the TalkTalk Mail accounts under one sign in. They each have their own Inbox and set of synchronised folders.


But if you wish to use Chrome to save your logins for each mailbox it will do so.

In Chrome Settings chrome://settings/passwords

Set Offer to save passwords to on

Set Auto sign-in to on


So long as you save the password correctly then when you select the email address box for the TalkTalk Mail sign in you will be presented with a set of saved passwords to choose from and both the email address and password boxes will be correctly completed. 


There's also a Manage Passwords link that will take you straight to the Saved Passwords page in Chrome to review the password saved for each email address. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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Hi @Gondola.

I don't wish to unify my mailboxes with a single sign-in using the 'Add Mail Account' feature.

For the few times I need webmail I am happy to login to them separately and log out before moving to the next address.

Chrome has only stored one address/password for the webmail login page. So when I visit that page they are auto-completed. I then overtype with one of the other addresses and press 'continue' to be taken to the password page. There the password is auto-completed for the address that Chrome has saved and I am forced to overtype it with the correct password for the alternate address I wish to use, When I do so Chrome does not save nor even ask me if I wish to save the password, nor can I see a means to force it to.

Eureka! Pipex mailboxes have migrated!

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Hi Steve


The TalkTalk Mail interface allows only one sign in per browser. If you wish to view all of your TalkTalk mailboxes with one sign in then you can use the Add email account function.


Unified email.png


If you retain all of your TalkTalk Mailboxes with single sign in then you'll be signing out of one mailbox and signing in to the next. Chrome will save the individual logins on request and auto-login with saved logins. However, Chrome has a peculiarity that even though you update the TalkTalk sign in screen with the new email address and its password, Chrome can auto-save the previous password if you don't select the new password. Review the saved logins in Chrome to check if they've been saved correctly. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2021

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