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How do I check my webmail quota?

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I have had an F2S emaill account for many years and have never had a problem with email limits.

My primary access is via Thunderbird (POP3), keeping all my emails on my local hard drive. I have always allowed the server mail to be automatically purged without any interaction.

I also use mobile email access (IMAP) and understand how this works alongside POP3.

Today I received a "Your mailbox is over quota" email for the first time ever, so checked my webmail. I only had 76 emails in my inbox and less than 100 in other folders, some of which I have now deleted.

So my questions are:

  1. What is my webmail quota and how is is calculated?
  2. If my quota was exceeded, why was no quota warning sent beforehand?
  3. Why is there nothing about this on the webmail interface (would be a useful enhancement)?

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Hi Neil


10 GB email storage is what TalkTalk provides.

if a typical email is 50KB that's 200,000 emails excluding attachments.

Typical attachment maximum size is 10Mb (so if you maxed out the attachment size each time that's 1,000 emails).


Most users can get to 10,000 emails being stored without the limit warning so I'm not sure how 176 emails triggered the over-limit message!


I agree that a mailbox capacity warning would be good. There used to be one and I believe the new TalkTalk mail will implement the warning... although we've yet to see the new system for real.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I delved into my webmail folders and realised there were quite a few with very large attachments over 10Mb. As I had already downloaded these I deleted and purged all the emails. I still can't see how I exceeded the quota though.
My normal email was soon back to normal. So I'll  keep a better eye on webmail maintenance from now on.


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Thanks for posting back to let us know it's sorted. Nice one Gondola great member to member support as always. 

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