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How do I see all the emails in my Inbox in Webmail?

Whizz Kid
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Gondola kindly showed me how to do this back in January but Webmail has changed since then and the instructions no longer apply.

Please can you tell me how to display all the 690 emails in the Inbox . Only 106 are listed as showing at the moment.

My father died recently so I would like to backup/export all his emails so that I can refer to them later if necessary. Then once I have done that I would like to know how to delete them all from Talktalk servers prior to his email account being deleted.

Many thanks


Community Star
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Hi @cobaltblue 


I'm sorry to see your father passed away. My condolences for your loss.


On the new TalkTalk Mail platform the folders aren't split into defined pages as each folder is fully scrollable from beginning to end. Just scroll down the Email list view, wait for the next batch of message headers to be loaded, then scroll down some more and so on.


If positioned at the most recent message and you choose the "Select all" tick box top left of the Message List view then only the first 50 messages will be selected. If you scroll down the List view the earlier messages will be loaded and if you carry on scrolling you'll get to the oldest message and at any point you can unselect and reselect the "Select all" tick box to see in the Detail view window how many messages have been selected from the total number in the folder. 


Just a heads-up that when dealing with large numbers of messages the system can get a bit 'overloaded' and 'temperamental'.


Folder Select Messages.png


Probably the easiest way to download and backup the messages is to use an email client like Thunderbird synchronised as an IMAP account to the TalkTalk Mailbox for all messages in all folders. Then save those messages onto a local folder or local drive.


When it comes to deleting messages you can select the TalkTalk Mailbox folder icons one by one in the Folder view panel.  Select the Actions Menu to the right of each folder name (triple line icon), then select Delete all messages from the drop-down list and the entire folder contents will go to the Trash folder.


Final thing, when you're sure you wish to carry out an unrecoverable delete of messages, is to select the Trash folder, select the Actions for Trash Menu icon and then select Empty trash.

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