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How to associate all legacy email addresses with TT account?

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(1) For some time since before TalkTalk's email/webmail upgrade incorporating all legacy domains on the same TT email platform, I've had 6 active email addresses including 3 TalkTalk domain ones and 3 legacy Onetel domain ones.  How can I associate all 6 addresses with my TalkTalk customer account, when the limit appears to be only 5 such email addresses?  I do not want to lose one now.  The only one not currently associated is one of the legacy OneTel addresses, but I want to ensure that its usage, like the 5 now-associated ones, is not restricted to webmail-only when not connected to my TT home router/broadband network (for example when tethered to my non-TT mobile service or on some other WiFi network)?


(2) How can I once again make my TalkTalk customer account log-in password different from the passwords of any of my email account log-ins?  This always used to be the case for many years but since associating recently with the TalkTalk customer account (& strengthening passwords as needed) this separation appears to have been lost, as my account password is now the same as my main TT domain email account.


Thanks in advance for your help and advice.



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Hi MikeSTech, it's great to see Gondola has given you superb support to help you get this sorted. 


Thanks to you for acknowledging the help by marking the post as best answer. 



Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.

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Hi Mike


In advance of any action to restrict access or delete an active legacy mailbox, the user of an orphan email address will receive an email from TalkTalk setting out the requirement to link the email address to a TalkTalk Consumer customer MyAccount. 


Guidance will be given to existing and non-customer users on the options available. 

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Thanks once again Gondola for your continued help.


Just one more question (hopefully) following on from what you've said.  How do users with legacy email addresses not yet associated with their TT account know when the 120 days flagging for deletion will kick in, and do TT warn their customers well in advance of this happening?


It's just that I don't think there've been any official notifications to customers of these types of changes, certainly I've only had a growing awareness of it via the community forum, but I imagine many legacy users won't be community users and so will be unaware if TT doesn't notify them in good time.


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Hi Mike


Mail sent from an email client requires authentication. The way to be authenticated when connecting off the TalkTalk network is to establish a secure TLS encrypted connection to the TalkTalk SMTP server and be authenticated by the email address and password.


Some legacy domains like onetel did not utilise SSL/TLS encrypted connections and therefore had to obtain authentication from the TalkTalk network connection.


The legacy domains managed by TalkTalk Consumer on the TalkTalk Mail platform can all use SSL/TLS encrypted connections, secure ports and the server names and be authenticated by their full legacy email address and password both on-net and off-net.


It is now a requirement that all email addresses managed by TalkTalk Consumer should be added by their users to a customer MyAccount for home broadband service or for the MailPlus mail only service.  Any orphan email addresses not linked to a customer MyAccount are liable to restriction to webmail only access.  This means reading and writing mail messages via a browser will be fine but auto forwarding and connection to email clients and apps will be disabled. Orphan email addresses and their mailboxes will be flagged for deletion 120 days after a webmail restriction is applied.


The storing of Sent mail in the online mailbox is a function of the setup of the Outgoing SMTP server.  An IMAP setup will synchronise the standard mailbox folders as a default setting. A POP3 setup downloads mail from the Inbox only. 


TalkTalk could, as you suggest, auto save a copy of the sent message to the Sent objects folder so the POP3 user can see Sent mail locally and also online.  But why is this deemed necessary when opting for IMAP synchronises the Sent objects folder along with all standard folders across all connected devices including the IMAP connected browser.

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Thanks for clarifying, Gondola, that's helpful, I wasn't aware of TT MailPlus, also it hadn't occurred to me to use a non TT-associated email address for MyTalkTalk account login !


Is my understanding correct that now, in order not to be restricted to TT webmail-only use when connected other than via one's TT-router (I find webmail an inconvenient way of managing email except as a last resort, preferring to use sophisticated email client such as MS Outlook), you have to BOTH (1) upgrade to the more secure TT server settings regardless of legacy email domain and of whether POP3/SMTP or IMAP,  AND (2) associate the email address with your MyTalkTalk account - or does this only affect the ability to SEND emails rather than send/receive?


Finally a suggested improvement to look into:

I also have an AOL email account, and even when using AOL's POP3/SMTP servers via an email client, copies of messages SENT from the client automatically reside on the AOL webmail server (almost like IMAP), so you can see ALL messages on the server, both sent and received.  This is a major improvement (I don't know how it's done), however the TT servers and all others that I am familiar with, don't currently to offer this ability - so could TT please consider adding this great feature in future?  It means you can see messages you've SENT via webmail, even though the source was a POP3/SMTP-based client, i.e. the webmail view shows everything, not just received messages.


Thanks once again and I look forward to hearing further.




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Hi Mike


TalkTalk Consumer customers are given up to 5 mailboxes free as part of the home broadband package. 


To retain the onetel email address you're normally expected to delete one of the other 5.


If you have a partner that could subscribe to TalkTalk MailPlus for your onetel mail then that would be one solution. About TalkTalk Mail Plus taken on a month by month subscription and then when no longer required the Mail Plus service can be cancelled. 


Use a non-TalkTalk email address as the MyAccount login and you can choose a secure password that is unique to the MyAccount.

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