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How to back up my emails

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I have a email account accessed via web and need to back up all folders before losing access in early December. eg to a memory stick. How do I do this please?




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Hi Damien


I have two options for you:

  1. Backup using an email client like Thunderbird
  2. Saving emails directly from TalkTalk Mail webmail


Backup via Email client

What I do is set up an email client like Thunderbird on my notebook (that also has a connected backup hard drive) as an IMAP account to the TalkTalk mailbox.  Thunderbird will synchronise the TalkTalk mailbox folders to the Thunderbird email client. I can then create local folders from Thunderbird and copy emails to those local folders including folders on the connected hard drive. Those emails will be viewable in Thunderbird on your device.


Saving emails from TalkTalk Mail webmail

If you wish to backup mail messages directly from TalkTalk Mail as eml files that can be viewable in other email clients then proceed as follows:


Select here: Sign in to TalkTalk Mail

Enter your email address and password, select Sign in.

  • Select a folder (in this example the Inbox)
  • Select a single email or multiple emails using the checkboxes
  • Select the More actions menu triple line toolbar icon
  • Select the Save as file menu item
    Select Save File from the File Manager window that opens
    If you selected a single mail message you'll save that as an eml file
    If you selected multiple mail messages you'll save that as a zip file containing multiple eml files
  • Select a folder on your device to save the mail message file


Saving Emails 03August2021


NB Select all will by default select just the first 50 mail messages in the folder. Use the List view scroll bars to enable the selection of more messages.

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