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How to make a message filter : Not In My Address Book

Whizz Kid
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Please can you tell me if it is possible to make a message rule that moves all incoming mail that is not from contacts in my address book to a subfolder in my Inbox that I will have previously created called NotInMyAddressBook. 

This works a treat in Thunderbird and I want to set it up in webmail in the hope that it will filter out spam before it gets opened on my Fire HD tablet as I cant see any way of setting up message rules in the Fire HD10 email app.

On Thunderbird the filter is

 -  when: manually run , when getting new mail  and run before Junk Classification

-  that matches the following

     From:  isnt in my address book

Perform this action: Move message to folder 'NotInMyAddressBook' on


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The VIP Status is the equivalent of a Safe Sender Filter. Works fine so long as the user has the wanted contacts already in the Address Book or Contacts List. 


Takes a little time to build and maintain a Contacts List. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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Whizz Kid
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Well, not to worry , it probably wouldn't have stopped junk mail reaching the tablet.  My son who is in charge has found that the Fire H D 10 has the option to assign VIP status to contacts which it then marks with a star .  It then gives an option to see only emails from those contacts. or by touching the menu to choose to see emails from other senders. The VIP email folder is listed at the top which is very neat.  If you come out of email and then go back in it remembers whether you were in the VIP folder or not.

I  wont trouble you any more tonight! Again, many thanks!

Community Star
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Hello again cobaltblue 


A safe-sender's or whitelist filter rule is not available in the current version of TalkTalk Mail. 


There's a newer version where 'whitelisting' is offered but we don't have that version I'm sorry to advise. Maybe we will in a future release. 

GondolaVolunteer 2017-2022

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