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I cannot move items from inbox or Trash to a folder as nothing happens when move to is activated

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I cannot move items from the inbox or trash when I activate Move to to a folder as the list of folders does not appear


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Hi @christo4


Is this using TalkTalk Webmail using a particular browser or using a particular email client or email app?


If it's Webmail then the most common issue is that the browser has got blocker software activated that's blocking the pop-up that should appear.


The fix is to disable the browser's pop-up blocking or disable the blocking software.  Or simply use a different browser.


To move an email to a folder:

  • Select the email you wish to move
  • You can drag and drop the email to a folder on the left side
  • Or right click and select move from the pop-up box and select the folder to move to
  • Or select message actions on the header bar and select move
    then select the folder to move to

Here's a video - the move of emails to a folder is about two minutes in.


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